Read On Phone Pushes Data from Your Desktop to the Appropriate Android App

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By Jason Fitzpatrick on February 24th, 2011

Read On Phone is an Android application that intelligently pushes data to your phone from your bowser. Rather than simply opening the URL on your phone, it opens the appropriate application for the task and formats text.

Most send-to-phone type tools simply take the URL of the web page you’re looking at on your computer and shuttle it to your phone. Read On Phone is a more active and effective tool. When you send a page that is text, it formats the text for easy reading on your phone. When you send a YouTube video, map, or telephone number, it opens up the appropriate tool on your phone such as your YouTube viewer, Google Maps, or your phone dialer. In addition to that handy functionality Read On Phone also includes adjustments for day and night reading, font size, auto-scrolling, and pagination.

Read On Phone is available as both a Chrome extension and as a bookmarklet for cross-browser use, the Android application is $2.99. Hit up the link below for additional information.

Read On Phone

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  • Published 02/24/11
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