Use a Crayon to Enhance Engraved Lettering on Electronics

Whether you’re making a new electronics project or trying to add definition to an old piece, you can use a simple crayon to make etched logos and text pop.

At RedToRope, the DIY and project blog of electrical engineering student and tinkering James Williamson, James shares how he used a crayon and a little heat to make the lettering and symbols on his electronics project really pop.

It’s an old trick I’ve used many times over the years with firearms but had never thought to use with engraved text on electronics or other devices. You rub the wax into the crevices of the etching, heat the object to melt and level the wax, and then give it a final cleanup buff.

Hit up the link below to see the final results of his project as well as all the steps he went through to make the final product look so professional.

Laser Engraved, Wax Filled, High Contrast Panels for Electronics Projects [RedToRope via Hacked Gadgets]

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