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Google’s New Personal Blocklist Extension Kills Search Engine Spam

Tired of all the spammy, terrible articles listed in Google every time you do a search? You can finally kill them with a new Google Chrome extension by Google.

One can only hope that Google will then use this data to help improve their results, and remove these sites from the search engine in the first place. But until then, use this one. Note that the screenshot is showing the “Show blocked sites” view. Normally it would be gone.

Personal Blocklist (by Google) [Chrome Web Store]

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  • Published 02/14/11

Comments (11)

  1. David Levine

    I really wish extension developers would provide a built-in way to hide extension icons from the area next to the address bar. Currently, Chrome for Mac does not allow you to hide these icons like the Windows version does.

  2. Santo

    Is there similar kind of extension for Firefox?

  3. MarioP

    For Firefox much better script:

  4. cam2644

    Another example of where Firefox works better

  5. Grant Prudlow

    @MarioP – thanks!!

    Also it’s funny that the screenshot shows being blocked; that’s the main reason why I’ve been looking for something like this!

  6. jfjb

    greasemonkey “google domain blocker” does a neat work

  7. Santo


    Thanks for your suggestion. It worked as I expected and I blocked expert-exchange!

  8. TJ Fadness

    Ok, I understand that there are some things that Firefox does better than Chrome, such as some of the addons… but really I see no difference between Google’s addon and theirs, other than the fact that Google’s takes a few less clicks, and adds a button instead of a link.

    So how is this an example of that?

  9. Tony Lawrence

    Yes: Experts-Exchange was the very first site I blocked, too! I bet a lot of us have.

    I wonder why release this as an extension, though. Why not just change Google search to store a cookie? Do they assume we’ll be blocking thousands of sites?

    Or is it just that they only want a small sampling right now?

    The blocking of annoying sites like Experts-Exchange is not what Google had in mind, of course, but I wonder if they will pay attention to that too and push these bozo’s down to the bottom of SERP?

  10. Tony Lawrence


    No, the Firefox is NOT a “much better script” because the point of this script is that Google will be looking at what sites we all bock and intends to adjust its SERP based on that input. That’s what makes this important, not any features.

  11. MarioP

    @All, you’re welcome!

    @Tony, i’m NOT agree that Google may freely use my informations/blacklist. Especially cose meny ppl can abuse this option against rival sites. So, for me it’s much better!

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