If you’ve ever had a burning need to know just how many times you strike the keyboard and click your mouse every day, KeyCounter–a tiny portable app–can help satisfying your geeky statistical needs.

Last year I hit up Twitter and Facebook with this question:

Recommend an app for tracking the number of keys/words typed? (Not a keylogger, I’m just nerd-curious about how many keystrokes I hit a day)

I kept my eyes open searching for that one-trick pony, a keystroke tracker, but never found found one. Today, via the serendipity of my RSS feed, I found one! Software blog Addictive Tips highlighted KeyCounter, an ultra lightweight, free, and portable keystroke and mouse click counter. Download the app, run it, and then leave it be. It quietly counts every single click of your keyboard and mouse buttons and displays them in graph form. Each day is archived and can be reviewed in the future.

On a practical note, this tool is a super lightweight way to see when you’re active at the computer throughout the day. On a fun and geeky note, it’s awesome to see just how much you abuse your keyboard every day.

KeyCounter [Zhorn Software via Addictive Tips]

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