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The Citroen GT – An Awesome Video Game Car Brought to Life [Video]

If you are familiar with the Gran Turismo 5 video game releases, then you will definitely recognize the Citroen GT. French automaker Citroen and Japanese racing simulation developer Polyphony Digital decided to take things one step further and collaborated to bring this awesome car to life. Then they turned it loose on the streets of London!

Citroen GT on the Streets of London (HD) [via BoingBoing]

You can learn more about the Citroen GT, car show appearances, and more at Wikipedia:

GT by Citroen

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  • Published 02/17/11

Comments (8)

  1. ADWheeler Photography

    Citroens no matter what color, shape, or size are absolute pieces of garbage. Total crap vehicle.

  2. ADWheeler Photography

    Lol, I just did some further research on this… the car is a 2008 prototype. Check this link:

    Not exactly breaking news… :-

  3. AsianAngel

    @ADWheeler Photography – True, it may not be the “newest” news but it is still an awesome looking car. ^_^

    I think it would be so wonderful (and fun!) to have a Citroen GT of my own. ^_^

  4. ADWheeler Photography

    Eh, with the French track record in car manufacturing, you would be better off buying your own team and building one of your own. Citroen is really bad car manufacturer. The GT (interesting name) has a oops, Ford GT motor… which makes me wonder if they didn’t just take the new Ford GT and strip the body for a rework. Reading the specs it seems VERY likely. I would love to see the Top Gear crew tear this car a new one.

  5. Joep

    @ ADWHheeler Photography
    GT interesting name? Gran Turismo or Grand Tourer is used by many manufacturers starting from the end of 1920s, so wat’s your point?
    “Citroens no matter what color, shape, or size are absolute pieces of garbage. Total crap vehicle”
    You don’t have to buy one, but they built a lot of great cars. Just think of the incredible ‘DS’ (one of the most beautifull cars ever) the ‘traction avant’ or the fabulous ‘2CV’
    Citroen is famous for their innovation and revolutionary engineering, you may not like it, but as I said: you don’t have to buy one.

  6. Hatryst

    The videogame looks better than the original streets of London :)

  7. IMSA12

    ADWHeeler Photography, what’s your crank with Citroen? Did they steal your lunch money in grade school? Did your girlfriend dump you to hang out with them?

    And what is a “new” Ford GT- the one that’s been produced since 2005? Of course this prototype uses components from production cars! This video just exists to create a buzz- nothing more.

    “Total crap vehicle”? I guess my father would disagree. Over the years, he owned two DS21 sedans and a DS wagon. There was no better car built for the rigors of daily driving (and rally racing) on the snowy back roads of west-state New York. None.

  8. HAHA

    R U kidding me? it looks freaking hot, you r just jealous that you cant afford it.

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