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GNOME Shell 3 Live CDs for OpenSUSE and Fedora Available for Testing

With all the recent talk about Ubuntu’s new Unity UI, you may have begun to wonder how GNOME Shell 3 is coming along. If you are curious and would like to give the new version of GNOME Shell a try then you are in luck. There are now two Linux systems with the new shell included available for download and testing.

You can see the Window Picker with five active Work Spaces in use above.The new GNOME Shell definitely has a nice smooth look to it and will make for a very pleasant desktop experience when finished.

Photo by Jakub Steiner.

Links for the OpenSUSE Release

GNOME 3 live CD / USB test image [via OMG! Ubuntu!] Note: Has details regarding live installation of ISO images.

FOSDEM – New version of GNOME 3 live image [Frederic Crozat blog] Note: Contains advice on writing the images to USB.

Download the GNOME 3 ISO files (32 & 64 bit) Note: Download the ISO files that begin with GNOME_3 in their file name.

Download the VMWare / VirtualBox / KVM image [via Frederic Crozat]

Photo by Fedora.

Links for the Fedora Release

Test Day:2011-02-03 GNOME3 Alpha (Fedora Wiki) [via DownloadSquad]

Download the Fedora Live Image ISO Files

Important Note: If you do try these images in a virtual setting, there is a good possibility that 3D support may not work properly. In that case you will not see GNOME Shell 3 but the old GNOME panel instead.

Let us know your thoughts on the new GNOME Shell in the comments!

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 02/10/11

Comments (6)

  1. dave

    colour me blind, I can’t see any discernible difference.

  2. anon

    Mm… Which is better, GNOME Shell 3 or Ubuntu’s Unity UI… I hope to see a comparison of these two…

  3. Manuxos

    Yes, you’re totally blind Dave… Or you never use Linux..?

  4. dave

    Manuxos, I’ve been using Linux since Redhat 5.2.. I have it running on several machines currently. What’s your point? I installed the 64 bit live CD on a dual core system. I can tell you that the system that installed off the CD looks nothing at all like the screen shot above.

  5. asdf-chan

    Will see how stuff works, but i think i will switch to xfce or something else that will have a taskbar (which gnome will lose by the time).

  6. jeffs3rd

    Used the Unity UI on my netbook for about 10 seconds before reinstalling to a full Ubuntu desktop. What a terrible execution of an average UI concept. This doesnt look much better imo.

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