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Google Cloud Print Extension Lets You Print Doc/PDF/Txt Files from Web Sites

The idea behind Google Cloud Print is great—being able to print to your home printer from anywhere, but it’s not supported everywhere yet. Here’s an extension that helps fix that problem, slightly.

If you’re viewing a Word doc, PDF file, or .txt file in your Google Chrome browser—obviously viewing PDF files is the most likely—you can click the icon and print to your Google Cloud-enabled printer. Don’t know how to set that up? We’ve got you covered with a guide to Cloud Print.

Print Using Google Cloud Print [Google Chrome extensions]

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  • Published 02/2/11

Comments (3)

  1. Zack

    Someone know how to do the opposite? Cloud Print to a Linux computer hooked up to a printer. I don’t have a Windows computer, so this is impossible. This would allow me to print from my Cr-48 too.

  2. Z S

    Google: “To share printers on this computer you will need Google Chrome 9.0.597.1 or greater.
    Windows XP, Vista and 7 only. Mac and Linux support coming soon.”

  3. Gigabyte

    Zack I’m in the same boat. I have CR-48 and no Windows machines. I have a Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS X. The only option I’m seeing right now is to is to run a virtual machine with Windows on it. This is very much of option right now. Sucking massive CPU cycles running a VM just to be able to print. This shouldn’t have been released with support only for Windows.

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