Today Google announced that they are partnering with a number of Chrome web application developers to distribute a number of their Chrome OS Notebooks to lucky fans. That’s when we noticed something interesting that can greatly increase your odds of getting one.

Unlike Box, MOG, and Zoho, who are doing random giveaways, the LucidChart giveaway is based on a contest of skill – they are picking the best drawings using their flowchart tool and giving away Chrome Notebooks to the winners. So all you have to do is create one of the most interesting drawings / charts, and you will get your hands on one. We’ve also confirmed this with the fine people at LucidChart, who told us “any user who spends a bit of time and effort to do something creative has a good shot at winning one.”

How great is the Chrome Cr-48 Notebook? What’s it all about? We wouldn’t know, since Google hasn’t given us here at How-To Geek an opportunity to use one, despite our attempts. It’s sad, since we’re huge fans of the Chrome browser, that we can’t share our Chrome notebook experiences with hundreds of thousands of daily subscribers and millions of monthly visitors. Hint. Hint.

Win a Chrome Cr-48 notebook from LucidChart [LucidChart]