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Use Your Chart-Drawing Skills to Win a Free Chrome Cr-48 Notebook

Today Google announced that they are partnering with a number of Chrome web application developers to distribute a number of their Chrome OS Notebooks to lucky fans. That’s when we noticed something interesting that can greatly increase your odds of getting one.

Unlike Box, MOG, and Zoho, who are doing random giveaways, the LucidChart giveaway is based on a contest of skill – they are picking the best drawings using their flowchart tool and giving away Chrome Notebooks to the winners. So all you have to do is create one of the most interesting drawings / charts, and you will get your hands on one. We’ve also confirmed this with the fine people at LucidChart, who told us “any user who spends a bit of time and effort to do something creative has a good shot at winning one.”

How great is the Chrome Cr-48 Notebook? What’s it all about? We wouldn’t know, since Google hasn’t given us here at How-To Geek an opportunity to use one, despite our attempts. It’s sad, since we’re huge fans of the Chrome browser, that we can’t share our Chrome notebook experiences with hundreds of thousands of daily subscribers and millions of monthly visitors. Hint. Hint.

Win a Chrome Cr-48 notebook from LucidChart [LucidChart]

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  • Published 01/27/11

Comments (10)

  1. Zack

    I somehow got one already. I’m still surprised and it’s been about a month since I got it. I hope whoever enters this wins!

  2. grigore

    great, thanks for the heads up

  3. asdf-chan

    Chrome OS sucks. A browser based OS … no thank you.

  4. Hatryst

    Thanks for the info, worth trying :)

  5. Trinidadiv

    Already got mine, good luck everyone!

  6. Kevalin

    Hmmm, let me think: Google, the second-largest privacy invader on the Web after Facebook, wants to give me a computer with their OS on it.

    Why, I do believe I’ll pass.

  7. Zack

    @Kevalin I free netbook is a free netbook. If you so desire, root it and install Ubuntu on it.

  8. indianacarnie

    I’m with you on this Kevalin.

  9. asdf-chan


    How about thinking first before talking?

    1.) Did you ever hear about google loosing any collected data?
    I guess not.
    2.) Do you know how much technology and knowledge is build and made accessable to the world by Google?
    Android, Chromium, Googlemaps, GoogleStreetview, just to list a few

    Sure all those applications are somehow connected to the web and/or webbased, but that is their main business. If you want to use GoogleStreetview from current position from your phone it is obvious that you might want to send gps data to get your current location and the location of the your target position.

    So the main question is: what do we gain by giving out little information (that maybe bundled to more information depending on your behavior and usage of Googles applications) to Google? More features, security updates, more usability, more projects, more knowledge and more technology.

    Google is in no kind of way comparable with Facebook

  10. Roi Atalla

    Google is not a piracy invader at all. Of course they would save every single search! That’s how they refine their search engine. I don’t see any ground where you may say Google invades one’s privacy.

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