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Ylmf OS is a Windows XP Styled Linux System

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Do you have a family member or friend who is reluctant to try Linux because it is just “so different” from Windows? Now you can help ease them past those fears and doubts with Ylmf OS, a Linux system that is set up to highly resemble Windows XP’s style and layout.

Ylmf OS 3.0 is based on Ubuntu 10.04, has a classic Windows XP themed UI, is able to run Windows apps with Wine, and comes with Firefox as the main browser, OpenOffice suite 3.2 for your document work, SMPlayer, & Audacious music player for your media needs.

Ylmf OS Homepage and Download [via Tweaking with Vishal]

Full List of Ylmf OS Features

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 01/27/11

Comments (27)

  1. Hatryst

    Ubuntu (most widely used Linux distro) is so good looking, I wonder why would someone be reluctant to use it? :)

  2. Withanamelikedave

    Agreed with Hatryst. I think many people would love Ubuntu if they just played with it for a bit.

    I wonder if people who are hesitant to move to Windows 7 would try this…XP without all the vulnerabilities.

  3. AsianAngel

    @Hatryst & Withanamelikedave – I agree with you both regarding Ubuntu. ^_^ I absolutely adore 10.10 myself…1000% awesomeness. ^_^

    But I could see this being useful too when encountering a reluctant individual…and nice as a confidence builder with regard to actually giving Linux a try. ^_^

  4. Seasider

    Will this work alongside Windows 7 64 bit? I couldn’t get Ubuntu to unfortunately.

  5. Isaac

    I hate Linux, sorry, it has the same bugs as years ago. The same problems, the same mentality. So many distros that are in reality just one (ubuntu), too much egos and each kid doing his distro after changing a few icons and themes… I was using Linux as my sole system back on the late ’90, but today i just can’t stand the mess in it. Since XP sp3 I switched to windows and never look back. In my opinion Linux for desktop is dead, it’s only a hobby. The only Linux variant i like is android. Now using windows 7 and for me is what Linux was meant to be like.

  6. AsianAngel

    @Seasider – This is based on Ubuntu, so if you had problems before then this may not work for a dual-boot for you either. :( I have to admit that I am a bit surprised that they would not work together for you though…wondering if it is a quirk of the 64 bit architecture of both systems? O_o

  7. Zack

    @Isaac You’re missing out. I don’t have any bugs and never had a problem with Ubuntu. I’ve had some slight problems with distros like Arch, but that’s because it’s me doing it and not the OS’s programmers. Every _major_ distro is different. Fedora, Arch, and Ubuntu have completely different package managers and ways to run things. That’s also not factoring in what desktop environment you use, if even one at all. Back in the early 2000s, Linux wasn’t as polished as Windows. Now, it’s far superior to Windows and will only get better. Some may not like how the slimmer default of Ubuntu (or another distro, just an example since it’s the most popular) looks compared to the bulky Windows, but you can change it. The full customization is what drives some users to use Linux.

    I use Linux almost full time, except gaming. The only reason I use Windows is so that my money doesn’t go to waste on the games I purchased years ago.

  8. Seasider

    Good news, have just tried it and it works great on Windows 7 64 bit. If I can get it running any idiot can. Slight problem in that the icons are in Japanese, but that aside I think I could eventually get to finally a linux based system.

  9. Seasider

    Profound apologies. Brain slip, I meant Chinese.

  10. AsianAngel

    @Seasider – Glad to hear that it works for you. ^_^ When I ran it earlier it had a mix of Chinese and English. But then again practically every Windows system I have or have had has been like that on purpose, so it was not a problem for me to see that in Linux. ^_^

  11. Cambo


    You are aware that most of the internet actually runs on Linux, right? Most web servers, backend databases, routers, switches Virtualization (ESX/Xen) all run their own variants of Linux.

    The ONLY place Windows is dominant is on the Desktop. And even that is now being challenged.

  12. Vortex93

    I want to try ubuntu out, but i am not sure if it could handle windows software smoothly… i heard you can play games with wine something like that.. but i don’t know if it’s gonna be as smooth as windows…

  13. asdf-chan

    Yet another useless Linux distribution.

  14. AsianAngel

    @asdf-chan – Just out of curiosity…why do you consider it useless? Are there any specific reasons?

  15. Freak-Andelle

    Ubuntu FTW! I use have been using it almost full time for a couple of years now, except for work (I use Win7). It would be more adviseable to try Zorin OS:

  16. Gouthaman Karunakaran

    This is a great way to welcome non-savvy individuals to Linux. :)

  17. Hatryst

    Just try it out in VMWare, simple :)

  18. Nav

    So its Windows + Linux –> Winux………….. A freeware Windows Version. A Window-ware Linux OS

  19. Clive

    How does one pronounce YlmF?

  20. Marius

    Put YlmF in google translate and hit “listen” :)

  21. Isaac

    To Cambo:
    I know most internet servers runs Linux, I’m by myself a Systems Manager, but my company uses only windows servers. I installed in another company a Linux solution, so I’m not narrow minded about others OS ( I contributed to the Linux kernel development, Beos team, and such). What I said is that I just tired of more than 100 Ubuntu derivatives that doesn’t bring anything useful to Linux besides a few new icons or colors. I hate wine. I don’t understand why to try to run windows apps in Linux, better build a equivalent in Linux, instead trying to move a trailer house with a scooter, it’s ridiculous. I just keeping waiting for the “Big Linux Desktop Year” since 1998 and it never came, and it will not came, so I just move to a better OS for me. I’m not young, I don’t have all the day to hack and correct the same mistakes on Linux as always. I have a life outside the computer. And Linux is going nowhere, at least as a Desktop OS.

  22. Ian

    I’ve wanted to try Linux for years – mainly because I don’t like Microsoft’s control of the Desktop world. I tried the Ubuntu 10.10 Live Disk – downloaded it, tried to run it, didn’t work. Went to the Ubuntu forums and carefully explained that I couldn’t get it to run as a Live install. Several replies came back, all telling me to run a Terminal and do a command line md5sum to verify the download on the disk.

    Obviously, my immediate reply was, “I can’t install it so can’t run a Terminal”. Several replies explaining how I can run a terminal in ANY Linux. Sorry guys, can’t get Ubuntu to run – can I do it in my current OS which is XP. Don’t know was the swift reply.

    In the end a friend told me to get Kubuntu as it had a download verifier in the first menu that appeared. Problem solved.

    But, we are constantly being told, Linux ‘should’ be replacing Windows soon as it is much better. That may be the case, but until the Linux community get their presentation sorted – start to appreciate that Windows users are not command line people – and to read what is written in appeals for help, it just isn’t going to happen.

    Having said that, I’m enjoying playing with my dual-boot Kubuntu, and XP doesn’t seem to mind; or hasn’t caught on yet?

  23. Slavko

    Hehe, that’s how I got my dad switch to Ubuntu :) After he got virus on his XP (out of nowhere). I installed 9.10 (at that time) and themed it as Win7. After about 3-4 months I just updated it up to current version Ubuntu and left it as is… No complains/viruses- it’s just working. His PC is 7 years old and running 24/7 without any reboots for months.

  24. Jonny

    I have tried ubuntu and i agree it looks good BUT i can’t run any windows games on it so i dont see the attraction to somethibng that doesnt run all the software ive accumulated over the years is there no way round this, and another proble, i have is it wont connect to the net for some reason i am using a lan system on virgin with no router so i see no reason why it wont work for mwe any suggestions welcomed

  25. asdf-chan

    First of because there are other distributions which are easy to use and I am pretty sure there are more operating system like this one, with a windows look and feel. Second, even if the distribution is not looking like windows you could fix this with emerald and compiz, but users generally tend to use windows and switch to mac, doesn’t matter what the other thing looks like. Third, the translation is poor.

  26. aldistuck

    I dont understand how so many people get viruses or malware on their windows PC’s and then exclaim that to be some profound reason for moving to linux. I’m a windows user that from time to time “plays” with linux to see how its coming along. I have yet to get any linux distro to a point were I’m happy with it and feel it to be capable of becoming my main OS.

    This is coming from someone who is knowledgeable enough to run a windows OS for years without needing to reinstall and without becoming infected by all those viruses…. Windows does it all on the desktop and does it so easily that grandma can use it without fail. You can watch movies without going through the hassel that Linux distros make you go through because of copyrights or whatever.

    The list goes on and on… Someone mentioned “if they just play with it for a bit” when talking about bringing new users to Linux. Thats exactly the problem! Windows users (even new windows users or first time PC buyers) can jump right into using Windows with no trouble. Sound works, video work, acceccories work, everything works. Why would a novice user want to waste time trying to learn how to get Linux to work properly when it worked out of the box with windows?

    My father inlaw buys silly devices from HongKong like tablets running Android and such. He plays with them for a bit then they sit unused because not even they will play certain video formats. He doesnt know how to make them work for his needs and thats the problem with Linux and Opensource software in general.

    And as someone said, getting help is next to impossible. Thats because if it doesnt work its most likely a hardware issue in that Linux doesnt have driver support for it. You either have to get lucky or lookup some list of real supported hardware before attempting to use Linux or else your fist experience will be un-pleasant.

    VMWare is an excellent idea to try out linux with. I currently use Fedora14 LXDE in VMWare. If I destroy it from trying to learn new things, I just copy my backup into my Fedora folder and start again.
    No destroying my Windows boot loader or having to deal with Grub problems preventing me from finding Windows.

    I’ll stop there since this probably wont be read anyway and I could easily go on forever….

  27. asdf-chan

    – Why would a novice user want to waste time trying to learn how to get Linux to work properly when it worked out of the box with windows? –

    Uh … because of fun, the desire to learn the basics and/or more about computers and their behavior (this is where Windows and Apple fails), work related stuff, recycling old hardware that you don’t want to throw away

    – My father inlaw buys silly devices from HongKong like tablets running Android and such. –
    Certified stuff? I guess not, and if, how about looking at the specifications instead of whining around that sh*t doesn’t work?

    – He doesnt know how to make them work for his needs and thats the problem with Linux and Opensource software in general. –

    Wrong! The problem is, no offense, that people like your dad are just dumb, in a normal kind of way. They just don’t care, but computers in general, windows or not windows, are things you should understand. This is our world, the new world, everything is based on it, so at least give it a try and use your brain for gods sake. Opensource is modifiable, that is the greatest aspect of it. If you don’t want it that way, change it. The community is huge and people that build those systems, modify them or just fool around with what’s there take their time to help you, so what’s the big deal?

    – And as someone said, getting help is next to impossible. Thats because if it doesnt work its most likely a hardware issue in that Linux doesnt have driver support for it. –

    What kind of fancy hardware do you use? All global companys like Intel, IBM, AMD, Broadcom, Realtek, Asus, etc build drivers for Linux systems. Why? Because they use Linux themself and if it is not so, it doesn’t take to long for drivers to come up, even if its only thirdparty.
    Never had problems with hardware in the past years since i use Linux, my only guess is that you just fail at what you are doing.

    Quit whining and get a brain

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