Keep My Opt-Outs Removes Ad Tracking in Google Chrome

Keep My Opt-Outs is a small extension for Google Chrome that permanently enables your opt-out selection across all your instances of Google Chrome.

Google’s extension is an interesting compromise between no protection (and consequently being tracked by advertisement companies across web sites) and complete blocking (which harms the revenue stream that Google and other companies rely on via online advertising). They write:

We’ve been working on addressing these issues for awhile. Nearly two years ago, we engineered a solution for Google’s ad system. We made available, for all major browsers, a downloadable browser plugin that enables you to permanently opt out of Google’s advertising cookie, even if you deleted all your browser’s cookies. We’ve also built granular cookie controls into Chrome directly, and integrated Adobe Flash Player storage management into these controls. We’ve also modified Chrome’s incognito mode to ensure that it applies to “Flash cookies” in addition to regular cookies.

Today we are building on this work, and that of others, by allowing you to permanently opt out of ad tracking from all companies that offer opt-outs through the industry self-regulation programs.

You can read more and grab a copy of the extension at the link below.

Keep My Opt-Outs [Google Extension Gallery via Google Public Policy Blog]

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