Elaborate Televised Prank Targets Belgium Mobile Carrier Mobistar [Video]

By Akemi Iwaya on January 24th, 2011

What happens when a mobile carrier’s call center becomes infamous for its’ frustrating service? Revenge of course! These guys got together to play a well thought out and executed prank on Mobistar’s call center using the call center’s own style of responses and tactics against them.

From BoingBoing: Belgium’s much-reviled phone company Mobistar was elaborately pranked by a program on VRT Belgium; the pranksters hid themselves in a steel container, which they had dropped directly in front of the gates of a large Mobistar office at 5AM. The container had a prominent customer service number printed on the side of it — a number which rang the pranksters inside the container — that was promptly called by a series of Mobistar employees who wanted to get the container moved off before 2,000 Mobistar employees reported for work and found the parking lot blocked off.

Note: Mathieu, the security guard, became a folk hero overnight for his friendly demeanor and patience. He later received a gift from the guys and another from his employer.

Prank on a Belgian call center (with captions in English) [via BoingBoing]

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  • Published 01/24/11
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