Season0nPass Jailbreaks Current Gen Apple TVs

If you have the newest Apple TV and you can’t wait to get it jailbroken, Seas0nPass jailbreaks both old and new Apple TVs.

If you can’t own a device without hacking it, jail breaking it, or otherwise voiding the warranty (and we’re right there with you if you’re one of those people) then you’ll be happy to hear that the Seas0nPass jailbreak tool has been updated for the newest edition of Apple TV. Currently it only supports tethered jailbreaking and requires Mac OS X (which means if you have to do a hard reboot of your Apple TV you’ll need your Mac nearby to reactivate the jailbreak) but it’s a jailbreak none the less. Visit the link below for additional information and a step-by-step walk through.

Jailbreaking 101 – Seas0nPass [Firecore via Download Squad]

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