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The Frustrations of a Computer Literate Watching a Newbie Use a Computer [Humorous Video]

Guy Collins has put together a fun video based on the original Reddit comic showing a computer literate person watching a newbie at work on the computer.

Want to see the original comic? Just visit the Reddit post to enjoy the goodness.

The Scrollwheel [via Gizmodo Australia]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 01/14/11

Comments (10)

  1. Technobabble

    I agree. Takes me about 2.5 seconds to say “just, let me drive.”

  2. Withanamelikedave

    My wife always makes fun of me for googling instead of typing in the address bar or clicking a bookmark.

  3. Nimporte

    MOM: “That doesn’t work.”
    ME: “Did you type it exactly as I said.”
    MOM: “Yes, I did.”
    ME: “Let me do it.”
    MOM: “What you told me to do doesn’t work..”
    ME: “You’re right. Let’s try it again.”
    ME: “Don’t click anything until I tell you what to do. I am going to help you minimize your screen.”
    ME: “Look in the very top, on the right side. There is a dash, a box, and a red X.”
    MOM: “My computer doesn’t have that.”
    ME: “Please, let me do it.”
    MOM: “I know what a dash, a box, and a red X look like, and I do not have it.”
    MOM: “You have that program, but I don’t.”
    MOM: “The screen disappeared.”
    ME: “Oh, I see you found the red X. I told you not to click anything.”
    MOM: “I didn’t”
    ME: “You clicked on the red X
    MOM: “I did not. My e-mail disappeared. I have a virus and somebody stole my e-mail.”
    MOM: “I think somebody stole my e-mail. All I have is a big picture of your niece with liitle square pictures and words. How do I get rid of those so I can see the picture better.”
    ME: “The picture is you wallpaper. No, you cannot get rid of the desktop icons;”
    MOM: Did I pay for those? I don’t even want them. Can I return them.”
    ME: “Um, I don’t think you can return them. Trust me, they are there for a reason.”
    ME: “Mom, I have work to do. Let me click on the icon on your task bar.”
    MOM: I don’t have a task bar.”
    MOM: “Can I exchange the little picture and words covering Maicee’s face for a task bar.”
    ME: “We can get rid of Maicee’s face, or better known as your wallpaper.”
    MOM: “I don’t want to do that.”
    ME: “K. We have one option. Click this little picture down here at the bottom. The one I have my finger pointing to.”
    ME: “that was not the one I pointed to.”
    ME: “Click the red X.”
    MOM: “You told me not to click the red X.”
    ME: ” I changed my mind.”
    MOM: “Do you know what you are doing? I’m going to call your brother for help”
    ME: “That’s a great idea.”
    Five Minutes Later
    MOM: “Rick fixed it.”
    ME: “That’s great.. You should call him everytime.”
    MOM: “He told me I accidentally got into the Pentagon Computer and if I click anything the FBI will show up at the door. Since I opened the Pentagon computer the World Wide Web shut down.”
    MOM: “He told me to push on the power button until the computer shuts down. Give it 48 hours and turn it back on. From there you will know what to do.”
    ME: “I didn’t even think of that. Glad you called Rick,”
    MOM: “Am I going to lose everything in my shopping cart? And, all my e-mail.”
    ME: “You will have to ask Rick that. Mom, really I’m busy”
    A few minutes later after she speaks w/ Rick again.”
    MOM: “Rick said you are using a different world’s World Wide Web.”
    MOM: “Rick said you should have known this. It was simply an error between the sofa and the keyboard.”
    MOM: “Rick said you can finish my shopping.”
    ME: “Oh shit, my world’s World Wide Web crashed. I’m going to my bedroom.”
    MOM: “I’m calling your Aunt Becky to tell her about this.”
    2 hours later after the phone call with Aunt Becky, mom wakes me.
    MOM: “Your aunt Becky’s worlds World Wide Web is still working. How many worlds are there?”
    ME: “In 48 hours when it is safe to turn your computer back on, call Rick, he can help you Google that.”
    MOM: ” Can I change worlds?”
    ME: “I would love it if you could. One far far away.”
    MOM: “Those ones work better?”
    MOM: “Why are you still awake. You have school tomorrow.”
    MOM: “Did you finish your homework?
    ME: “No mom, there was a serious error between the sofa and the keyboard sitting next to me.”
    MOM: “You better set your alarm early to see if your world is back up, so you can do your homework before school.”
    ME: “Mom, thanks for that advice. I’ll give it a try.”
    MOM: “You better get to sleep.”
    ME: “Night mom, I love you. Please shut the door on your way out.”

  4. AsianAngel

    @Nimporte – That is a very awesome comment! Ha ha! ^_^

  5. indianacarnie

    Hilarious! and True!

  6. vince086

    Mom’s friend (MF) wanted to watch a dvd on her laptop but something wasn’t working.

    Me: First you have to do is push the button on the side and put the cd in.
    MF: Well I tried that and it wont open.
    (I was thinking that the button might no be working properly so, another way to open the cd drive is to right click on the drive icon and click “Eject”, simple no ?)
    Me: Okay, well you can go to my computer then right click on the thing that looks like a cd and choose Eject
    MF: OOOOOO does the computer need to be on for me to watch the dvd ?!
    Me: …. yeah …. it might help…

    This is a warning: never fix a friend’s or relative’s computer, you will be trapped for life!

  7. AsianAngel

    @vince086 – Ha ha! Definitely need to have the power on. ^_^

  8. Jeff

    Great bit. :) Speaking of Google… for anyone who asks you a basic question that could so easily be answered by the most basic Google search, try the following site:

    (Let Me Google That For You)

    Jeff :)

  9. T2Rs

    ala The IT Crowd, first thing I say is “Have you tried turning it off and on again.” Just wish I could get the accent down.

  10. gilteon

    I honestly don’t understand why the scroll wheel is what broke his poker face. You can manage just fine with the scroll bar or keyboard arrows, but googling google (from the google site, not a search box) is just stupid.

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