ShapeShifter: What Are Dreams? [Video]

If you can remember the time when computer generated graphics were limited to blocky bitmaps, you likely find yourself as hypnotized by slick CGI montages as we do. Today we have a beautiful video from design house CHRLX to share.

For those of us that grew up without computer-based video at all or the creative use of MIDI sounds and bitmap loops to help guide our imaginations through digital stories, video likes this still cause us to stop in our tracks and marvel at how far computer-generated graphics have come. Load up the video below (make sure to hit the HD button and shift it to full screen) and enjoy a bit of CGI eye candy.

If watching the video has you on a CGI kick, check out their full portfolio for all sorts of CGI antics.

Projects: ShapeShifter [CHRLX via Geeks Are Sexy]

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