Build a Floor Scrubbing Robot out of Computer Fans and a Frisbee

What can two computer fans, a battery, three scrub brushes, and a Frisbee do for you? They can scrub your floor and wash your tables. Turn a handful of parts into a Scrub Bot for cheap and sweat-free cleaning.

Instructables user Randofo created an interesting fusion between the design of the Roomba and the popular vibrating “bristle bots” popping up all over by using computer fans to rotate a Frisbee studded with brushes.

You spray the cleaning solution on the surface you want to clean, plop the Scrub Bot on top, and it spins away scrubbing the surface in the process. Check out the video below to see it in action:

For a full build guide, visit the link below.

Scrub Bot [Instructables via ApartmentTherapy]

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