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Enjoy the First Total Solstice Lunar Eclipse in 372 Years This Evening

We’re in for an astronomical treat this evening; the moon will enter a full lunar eclipse the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the 17th century. Bust out your telescope and get ready sight see like it’s 1638.

The eclipse will occur over a three and a half hour period between 1:33AM EST and 5:01PM EST. Check out NASA’s lunar eclipse guide at the link below for more information and eclipse watching tips.

Total Lunar Eclipse [NASA]

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  • Published 12/20/10

Comments (7)

  1. jim

    actually lunar eclipses happen quite frequently and as far as eclipses this one is no different-it just happens to occur on the winter solstice thats the 372 year thing.

  2. Locutus

    I do hope you mean 5:01AM, not PM–wouldn’t like to miss the show1

  3. TJ Fadness
  4. Ken

    Damn, pity you could not have let us know earlier, I got my message at 3.30 in the afternoon of 21st Dec, a full 12 hours to late :-(
    still there is another one in about 400 yrs time !!

  5. Tom

    No, this isn’t anything rare. It’s just the first time in many years that it happened on the solstice. Even then, it’s not a big deal. The media really hyped this one to death.

  6. Richard Walker

    Yup – its over. I did watch it though. I had the same problem with NASA. They write up an article about where to find cams to watch the eclipse at the 11th hour and it was NOT easy to find. Oh well.

  7. TyaS

    Watched the eclipse on the NASA ustream live! It was a great video, but I wanted to see it live in person. Clouds made it difficult to see, and the timezones confused me…So i gave up! lol Watching it live on the computer wasn’t as bad though. :l

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