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Drag2Up Lets You Drag and Drop Files to the Web With Ease

Google Chrome extension drag2up uploads files to the web and inserts the URL into any textbox on any web site with nothing more than a drag and drop.

Once you’ve installed the extension, you can head into the options, which will let you choose between uploading to a ton of web services including imgur,, imageshack, flickr, picasa, github gist,, mysticpaste, chemical servers, dafk, hotfile, dropbox and cloudapp.

Then, just drag and drop into any text box anywhere. Huge time saver!

drag2up [Chrome Web Store]

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  • Published 12/20/10

Comments (6)

  1. Mike Rodriguez

    Very nice! The more operating systems and browsers merge, the more comfortable and natural browsing feels. I love things like this. :)

  2. Dave

    It looks like its available for Firefox as well, unless this is unofficial:

    Can anyone confirm?

  3. Maverick

    This is a part of the HTML5 spec anywayz….. jus a matter of time to get it on all browsers

  4. Camilo Martin

    @Maverick where in the spec?

  5. kylehong

    It there similar add-on for firefox? I use firefox more than chrome.

  6. antimatter15

    @kylehong Here’s the Firefox version

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