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This Windows Hack Changes the Blue Screen of Death to Red

All Windows users know all about the Blue Screen of Death, but did you know it’s possible to change the color to anything you want? All it takes is… well, a lot of hacking.

Over at the blog of Windows expert Mark Russinovich, he’s covered the indepth process of hacking Windows using a debugger and a utility to generate a system crash that shows off the blue screen of death in red or green. It’s probably not something you’d want to attempt on your primary PC, but click through for the full explanation.

A Bluescreen By Any Other Color [Technet]

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  • Published 12/15/10

Comments (14)

  1. ProstheticHead

    Somebody needs to get out more. :0)

  2. Hatryst

    Isn’t it already quite scary, and you want to change it to red?? :D

  3. Wibble

    You know you have reached MS geek nirvana when you do this.

  4. asdf-chan

    Instead of finding out why there is a bluescreen you change the color. That sure is windows user behavior.

  5. Mohit

    the Red Screen of death !

  6. Brian Carr

    he he it is quite funny but is it worth all the bother? yes for fun i will do it on my old xp dell machine!!!

  7. Kevalin

    It may as well be red. God knows, you SEE red when it happens!

  8. edmenje

    Now it could be called by a more E. A. Poe-ish name “Crash of the Red Death”

  9. vince086

    Great !!! now when my xbox and computer crash they will both be glowing red !

  10. chariot213

    Red screen of death…….LOL!

  11. Why

    Why would anyone want to do that? That is retarded….

  12. Anonymous

    @Vince086: +10 !!!!

  13. tubigdeliver

    this one is even more scary!!!

    Score board:
    Microsoft: 999999

  14. tubigdeliver


    it’s just epic to see both of your pc and xbox glowing in red!!!

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