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How Do You Know When You’ve Passed Geek and Headed to Nerd?

How do you know when you’ve passed geek and headed deep into nerd territory? Twaggies explains, with another great illustration.

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This illustration is courtesy, a great site that monitors for fun quotes on Twitter and then draws hilarious illustrations of them. I’ve been a big fan of them for a while, and they’ve published three of my quotes so far—here’s the first one, and the second one. If you’re a Twitter user, you simply MUST subscribe to @Twaggies

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  • Published 12/6/10

Comments (14)

  1. Hatryst

    Sounds familiar. I know someone who uses multiple monitors ;)

  2. asdf-chan

    I allways thought that nerd is a synonym for nerd. Guess i am normal *yay*

  3. pitman

    50min. till work is over, thanks for the material :P

    For my personal view someone who rages about any geeky subject is gone to the Nerd-side.

  4. indianacarnie

    the second one was GREAT!

  5. Kate

    No, no. Nerds and geeks have some similarities, but they are two distinct personalities.

    Geeks are the techies. They usually shower and smel pretty good. Most hold techie jobs or just enjoy the puzzle-solving of computer repair or modification. They like coffee or at least a Monster every day. They love anime.

    Nerds, however, are the scientific types. They’re more into fantasy (ye olde elvin type) and AC/DC rock than Windows 7 and techno. They shower occasionally, but apply deodorant every couple days to hold them over. They know a lot about things with long Latin names and work on jobs that involve chemicals or stacks of manuals. They love role playing.

    It is certainly possible to have the traits of both geek and nerd, but it’s not a matter of rising from one level to the next, IMO. :)

    I am definitely a 50/50 mix.

  6. Mike

    I resemble that remark…

  7. Doctor

    Also if your the admin and creator of the Nerd Herd Fan page on Facebook

  8. Abraxen

    I’m with the 50/50…

  9. transcendent


  10. Rien

    As soon as you are looking up the internet for the weather
    instead of looking out of the window you have to be carefull;
    you are come quite close to a nerd.

  11. Psycosis12

    Sometimes outside is too far to go for the weather…Google is always there!


  12. Kellan

    Nerd: smart, focuses on school and work, but not necessarily into computers.
    Geek: nerd + constantly up-to-date with technology/computers, antisocial, and strong opinions about the differences between geeks & nerds.

  13. Camilo Martin

    Geek: a term that many people associate different concepts with.
    Nerd: a term that many people associate different concepts with.
    Me: an individual.

  14. Kate


    LOL! :)

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