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Store Tabs for Later Viewing in Opera with Tab Vault

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Are you a power tab-user who uses Opera as your main browser? If having too many tabs showing in your tab bar is making you crazy, then Tab Vault can help you store those tabs to in a collapsible sidebar for later viewing.

Tab Vault features:

  • Reorder the list of tabs with drag and drop
  • Click a saved tab to open it in a new tab, or drag it onto the page to open it in the current tab
  • Removed tabs are sent to Tab Vault’s trash, so you can’t accidentally delete them
  • Export the list of saved tabs as an Opera session for safekeeping
  • Import tabs from an Opera session

Storing a tab or accessing your stored tabs is as easy as clicking on the toolbar button. The sidebar does not remain open full-time and while open it will “shade out” the tab currently being viewed. Opening a tab from the stored section will also auto-close the Tab Vault sidebar.

One thing that we found very useful from the start was activating the Close current tab after storing option. If left unchecked you will need to manually close tabs after storing them.

Another nice feature that you can see highlighted in the image above is the ability to export and import stored tabs as sessions. Tab Vault will definitely be helpful for anyone who is a power tab-user!

Here are two specific things to keep in mind when using the extension…

From the extension homepage:

Because this extension does not use a pop-up, you must be on a regular web page (not speed dial) to open the Tab Vault panel.

To make sure this extension works in all pages, enter “opera:config” in the address bar and check both “User JavaScript” and “Always Load User JavaScript”. To make it work on secure connections or in private browsing mode, go to Menu > Extensions > Manage Extensions, select “Privacy” from the cogwheel button next to the extension, and check the appropriate boxes.

Tab Vault [via OMG! Ubuntu!]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 12/2/10

Comments (9)

  1. Cyfer

    more opera stuff please, this browser really has become much more noticable with those extensions

  2. Goerlo

    Agreed with Cyfer, more Opera stuff please.

  3. AsianAngel

    @Cyfer & Goerlo – Trust me, there will indeed be more Opera goodness coming soon. ^_^

  4. operaUser

    how does this plus tab stacking compared to firefox panorama??

  5. Roi

    Google Chrome has an extension that does this as well. Never switching from Chrome :P

  6. AsianAngel

    @operaUser – I would honestly say it depends on what you are doing and how visual you are in your approach to tab management. For me the panorama feature works best simply because I work with so many images and such for the Desktop Fun and ETC posts. Panorama lets me see everything at a glance. ^_^

  7. Amir

    Does it works with Opera 10.63?

  8. AsianAngel

    @Amir – You will need to have the Opera 11.x series installed in order to use extensions…and the latest 11.x release is looking oh so nice. ^_^

  9. Amir

    Thanks Angel, for reply. I even didn’t install IE9.
    I’m currently satisfied with my browsing experience in Firefox 3.6, Opera 10.6, and IE 8, so I don’t feel the need to update.

    As a friend of mine told me:
    “Generally speaking, and certainly in business environments, the rule of thumb is Do Not Put Version 1 Of Anything into your environment. Wait for the Service Pack.
    Since a beta is a version PRIOR to to first release.. get it?
    On a home, or personal use computer, you have more flexibility. You can do what you want. Just don’t expect a beta to be faultless.
    Nor Version 1.0”

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