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Another Good Reminder of Why You Should be Careful with Facebook Applications

Scammers never stop looking for an angle to trick you into installing rogue applications and using you to help spread them to other people. The latest one to hit Facebook teases people with the possibility of seeing who has been viewing their profiles.

This is the message that people are seeing in relation to the rogue application:

OMG OMG OMG… I cant believe this actually works! Now you really can see who viewed your profile! on [Link]

Now you may be wondering how successful this particular rogue application has been. Picture this in your mind…

From the blog post: Ever wondered how many people fall for a scam like this? Well, the figures can be shocking. This current campaign is using a variety of different links – but via we can see that at least one of them has already tricked nearly 60,000 people into clicking.

The chance to know who has been looking at your profile can be really tempting and that is exactly how the scammers get to people. What better method to use than promising something that so many people want? If you do decide to install an application make certain that it is trustworthy. Remember the old saying about something “Sounding too good to be true…”

For full details about this latest rogue application be sure to read through the full blog post linked below. And if you know someone who tends to be careless with Facebook applications then send them the link!

Photo by nakedsecurity (Sophos Blog).

Can you really see who viewed your Facebook profile? Rogue application spreads virally [via Lifehacker]

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  • Published 11/30/10

Comments (12)

  1. Hatryst

    That’s why facebook is a mess :D

  2. LadyFitzgerald

    I think it’s hilarious that a Google Ad appeared after this article titled, “Who Viewed Your Profile? Siscover Who Searched For You, Went To Your Profile, and How Many Times.

  3. Santo

    I hope people become aware of these type of rouge applications and live their life out off Facebook.

  4. rstar

    People who are foolish enough to expose their whole lives on “social networking” sites, deserve all the problems that exposure brings them!

    The web is awash in lowlifes and bottom-feeding predators, and those who abuse people’s trust for their own power and greed (such as selling subscriber info to 3rd parties for a fee), are no better than criminals who steal your identity or wallet! They think that simply disavowing any harm or ruin they cause decent people by doing so, absolves them of complicity in the ruination of that trust!

  5. Camilo Martin

    Seriously, tempting? I mean, who sees my profile, is that something I should give a f* about?

  6. Code

    “People who are foolish enough to expose their whole lives on “social networking” sites, deserve all the problems that exposure brings them!”

    That makes about as much sense as “Girls who wear skimpy clothes deserve to get raped”
    Is it stupid to put so much info out there? Sure. Does that mean they deserve to be a victim of a rime for it? Hell no.

  7. blackice57

    just got snagged by this virus set up myself, someone psoting links on my wall and profile which caused quite a stir in my household

  8. blackice57

    i just d ativated my FB account as a result of this nonsense, if FB cant protect my personal info and show me respect for my good name then they dont deserve my account!

  9. Roi

    Facebook has ads?!?!?

    Good ol’ Adblock never stops making me smile to see the right side on Facebook blank :)

  10. Pinklady

    Adblock? How do I get it and use it?

  11. graham carr

    very funlarious

  12. graham carr

    i didnt exact65loy fall for it im just iquisitive

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