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Here’s Every Windows Boot Screen Ever (from 1.x to Windows 7)

Ever wondered what the boot screen for Windows 2.0 looked like? Somebody on deviantART put together an image that shows every single Windows boot screen ever, so you don’t have to wonder anymore.

To see the full image, you’ll need to head to the deviantART page and click the Download button over on the right-hand side of the page, to download the massive image.

New Windows Boot Evolution [deviantART via Tweaking with Vishal]

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  • Published 11/21/10

Comments (10)

  1. Alex Thorp

    Fail.. it doesn’t have 98se

  2. Zack

    @Alex Thorp I believe Windows 98 Second Edition has the same as Windows 98, unless it’s the WIndows 98 Plus shown. I’m not sure though because I’m not old enough to remember.

  3. Hatryst

    Seriously, i like Vista’s boot screen :)

  4. Golden Contact Computing

    Well, I am… just about…

    Im pretty sure that 98 SE had the letters SE in a large, block, “Impact” style font. The CD certainly did have it on…

    heres a link to a pic of the updates CD (not exactly the same)

  5. Golden Contact Computing

    @ Hatryst – Yep, after all the negative hype it didn’t even want to admit its own name during the boot process…

  6. marc

    well done! i rember all of it
    still missing Server 2008

  7. Tim

    Anyone have an idea where I could download images of each boot screen (at a decent resolution) seperately?
    Would love to use them as wallpaper for old times sake.

  8. Nefarious

    What, no Microsoft Bob?

  9. Chris

    Windows 98 and 98 SE had the same. The PLUS! was released before 98 SE. When PLUS! was installed it added the PLUS! to the boot screen. I have seen some 98 PLUS! screen’s with just the 98. That was because the user either upgraded to 98 SE or installed 98 or 98 SE over 98 or 98 SE. If you seen letters in large 98 SE that’s because someone edited the screen in the system folder and added it.

  10. Mike Edward Moras (e-sushi™)

    Just to correct some people… win98SE had it’s own release-cd and it’s own boot-screen showing the SE letters in the logo. Also, the words “second edition” were included. Not modded – MS official!

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