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Here’s How to Request an Invite for Facebook’s New “Email”

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Facebook just announced their new email system today, which will unify your messaging, etc, etc. It’s interesting, but how do you get an invite?

Simple. Click this link, then click the button. Done. You’ll get your invite shortly after that.

New Facebook Messages [Facebook]

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  • Published 11/15/10

Comments (10)

  1. doctordeere

    Just do an internet search: “facebook + privacy”, and tell me if you’d trust these goobers with your email. Not just no, but HELL no!

  2. Cambo

    Ever notice Facebook doesn’t use SSL? Yeah. I’d trust them…like when a politician says “Trust Me”.

  3. LadyFitzgerald

    I’m in the same boat. I’d trust them as far as I could spit upwind in a stiff breeze.

  4. AcidSpoon

    @Cambo: While I do not trust Facebook, I do hate the spread of misinformation, so I have to correct you. Facebook does use SSL, I’m afraid: []

    Still wouldn’t trust em to hold my dirty gym socks though.

  5. BC

    there is no ‘ button to click ‘ after that link? only a link to ‘ top questions about the new Messages.

  6. David

    SSL? You folks are under a delusion that SSL guarantees your safety. The only thing SSL does is protect your data during transfer from the server it is on to your computer. It does nothing to guarantee safety of data on the server from being seen.

    The privacy concerns on Facebook have to do with who has access to your data without your knowing it if you don’t pay attention. Plus it can change, if they make changes to the settings.

    I am not a Facebook hater, or an SSL one, but get your facts straight.

  7. Camilo Martin

    @David you’re misunderstanding people here. They’re not saying SSL guarantees safety. But without SSL, especially on public wireless networks, well… your average retarded sportsman can find out your credit card number just by reading a step-by-step tutorial.

  8. Luke Rogerson

    @BC Do you have AdBlock running? If so, try disabling it on that page.

  9. Average Retarded Sportsman

    Hey! I resemble that remark!!! LOL

  10. Susan Cassidy

    @ Cambo above: Yes Facebook DOES NOW use SSL…just go to your account settings and check the correct box!

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