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Mount and Browse Your iOS Device With Phone Disk

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Have you ever wanted to easily browse the folders on your iPhone or iPod Touch in Windows Explorer or OS X Finder?  Phone Disk makes it easy to do this, and you can get it for free until December 1st.

By default, your computer will recognize and let you browse the pictures folder on your iOS device when you connect it to your computer, but you can’t just browse through any folder on your device. Phone Disk lets you mount your iOS device like any other removable storage, so you can browse through many of your application’s folders and open files directly on your PC. You still won’t be able to access everything on a stock device, but it lets you do much more than you can by default. Best of all, you can get it free if you download and install it before December 1st, 2010.

If you happen to miss the special, you can still get iPhone Explorer for free, which lets you browse your device’s files from a special interface.  Either way, you’ll be able to browse your iOS files easier than iTunes allows.

Download Phone Disk for Free

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  • Published 11/3/10

Comments (6)

  1. jim

    a few of us installed this and it does not appear to work ???

    when looking at via explorer it shows the itouch and f drive and f drive
    we are not able to get into ???????

    would be nice if worked but we are doing something wrong or this program is not
    working ???

  2. matthewguay

    @jim – Hmm … I”m not sure. I gave it a try this morning on my 3rd gen iPod Touch, and it worked fine. However, with a non-jailbroken device (like mine) you can’t access all the folders. You might want to contact the company for support; since this will be a for-pay product starting in December, I’m sure they’ll want to get it working good.

  3. Paul DeLeeuw

    I installed it on Windows 7 32bit. It crashes on every attempt to run.

  4. Bill G

    I’m with Jim
    – there seem to be a few problems.
    I downloaded it on my win7 32bit – BUT DID NOT REGISTER.
    It would not connect to my Ipod 3rd Gen 32gig.
    I then tried to find out how to register it and there was nowhere that I could find to register it.
    So, I uninstalled it – or thought so. When trying to reinstall, it complained that there were files
    still on my machine. Found that there was a file in Programs and deleted it.
    I then Reinstalled – but it still did not indicate anywhere that I could register.
    Have now run RegCure on it and will try again – but don’t have a lot of confidence.

  5. trying hard

    How do you REGISTER the free phone disk once it’s downloaded? There is no option to do so…please advise.

    Thank you!

  6. Sam

    where do we enter the free registration code?
    will the same code still be valid after 1st December (in case we want to reinstall)?

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