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The Commuter – Short HD Movie Filmed Using a Nokia N8 Smartphone [Video]

This is an impressive bit of work considering the short time frame and the use of only a smartphone to film the entire movie.

From YouTube: Nokia’s highly anticipated short film, ‘The Commuter’ staring Dev Patel, Pamela Anderson, Charles Dance, Ed Westwick and shot entirely in mobile HD on the Nokia N8 smartphone.

The groundbreaking film, directed by the McHenry Brothers, was shot in just four days with the Nokia N8 using no back up cameras, with the streets of London and St Albans providing the backdrop to Nokia’s story about one commuter’s eventful journey to work.

Hopefully you never have a work day start off as badly as it does for this guy!

Nokia N8 – The Commuter, new Nokia film in mobile HD – Nokia UK [via Digital Inspiration]

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  • Published 10/28/10

Comments (4)

  1. Hatryst

    Really impressive ;)

  2. WayneW

    Want a REAL adventure?
    Try Atlanta traffic!
    Better Lock n’ Load!

  3. Greg Zeng

    What was the $$$ budget? No mention of lighting, catering, etc crews.
    Was it a standard retail Nokia, or a factory special?

    Bought a HTC HD2 as an “upgrade” fot my Nokia N82. It was really a download: slow, poor quality lens & operating systems, poor apps. Windows 6.5 & Android 2.2, with all updates.

    Nokia was to slow with its smartphones. No 800×480 pixel – unlike the smartphones that caame after my HTC HD2.

    Retired IT Consultant
    Australian Capital Territory

  4. Debra Newton-Carter

    WOW! Spellbinding…really impressive! I don’t think I’ve seem much in the theaters as good as that! Bravo!!!

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