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Firefox 4 Delayed Until 2011, Google Chrome Marches On

Mozilla has announced that the final versions of Firefox 4 won’t be out until early next year instead of next month as originally planned—while Google Chrome is releasing new versions faster and faster, with lots of new features.

The Mozilla people commented on the delays:

“Based on the delays in completing the feature complete Beta 7 milestone against which our Add-on developers and third-party software developers can develop, as well as considering the amount of work remaining to prepare Firefox 4 for final release, we have revised our beta and release candidate schedule”

Meanwhile, Google just released version 7 of Chrome only about 7 weeks after they released Chrome 6, and they will probably have Chrome 8 out by the end of the year. Sure seems like Google’s incremental development model is working better.

Firefox 4 delayed till 2011 [Neowin]

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  • Published 10/27/10

Comments (24)

  1. NdotGdot

    Chrome is on 9 already, and next month Chrome 10 and Chrome OS come out.

  2. bassman22


    Perhaps on the Dev channel, but the stable version of Chrome is on 7 right now.

  3. pitman

    I pretty satisfied with my 3.6.x Firefox I don’t mind the waiting as long as it will be as awesome and bug free as possible.

    I don’t use Chrome so what is actually been updated from version to version ?

  4. AsianAngel

    I have absolutely no problems with waiting if need be. ^__^ I prefer quality over quantity. ~__^

  5. Altyer

    Google does some corrections in Chrome and give it a new version number…
    I can’t see changes that justify these “new versions”.
    When Mozillla releases a new version, it comes with true changes.
    But I think that the Firefox 4 is very delayed..

  6. pitman

    I tried to use the beta a few times(beta 2+4) and had too many problems with compatibility, even with nightly tester tools it made firefox messed up, is there a way to check if all my extensions are compatible with the beta before installing it ?
    If I install the beta over my stable version will it replace it completely (which is kind of my intention) so I won’t have 2 versions of FF on my computer ?

  7. alkolkin

    I have tried and tried to use Google Chrome. Too many pages do not display properly and Java does not work for all sites either. Particularly, Java fails with GoToMyPC. FF is not perfect, but the Beta 6 works reasonably well and certainly more sites are compatible. My real complaint with Beta 6 is the lack of stable add-ons.

  8. diggerjohn111

    I used to swear by Firefox, slow downs and all. Then I was convinced to try Chrome. I have never looked back, FF is a terrible memory hog. Firefox is stuck in 2005.

  9. Mikee

    I am tired of getting all these ” Firefox needs to restart and send in a Mozilla crash report. Does chrome have anything like ” clippings” that Firefox has


  10. SSC73

    The biggest knock on chrome is the whole privacy thing. But plain and simple, it’s the best out right now.For pages that were built for the outdated IE’s that don’t display properly on Chrome, there’s always the IE tab add-on. Never had a problem with Java.

    But I must say, the IE9 beta is really onto something. Still plenty of bugs but once they are worked out, it’s gonna be a real choice again.

    I just got tired of all the compatibility prolems. When Chrome first came out, I didn’t like it at all. A couple months ago, I had done a fresh install and decided to try Chrome again. Haven’t installed FF since.

  11. csw

    Firefox has proved to be the true bedrock of browsers and I’m happy to wait. I use Chrome as a secondary but that’s where it will stay.It simply lacks all Firefox’s assets.

  12. Nike

    “while Google Chrome is releasing new versions faster and faster, with lots of new features.”

    Ah come on, that’s not fair. Firstly, i Firefox does in fact have more features than Chrome does in the current state. Google is moving really fast though, almost too fast. If i got this right, they’re planing on releasing their 3rd release this year?

  13. LOL

    LOL @ Chromium, what they fixed a couple bugs and slap on new version #? It has taken Opera over a decade to reach v11 and Chrome is gonna do that in a year with basically no minimum changes. When FF4 is stabilized, it’s gonna cannibalize everything.

  14. Edgar

    What I love is that people is pushing this healthy competition between Chrome vs Firefox.

  15. Steve O

    I still prefer Opera lol

  16. navjot94


    What version of chrome are you using? I’m on the dev channel and I only have version 8…

  17. Mahdi

    CHROME is the best of the best BROWSER EVER….!!!!

  18. An M

    dissapointing news … : (

  19. Elizabeth

    I don’t know which browser may be the “best” however, I am glad that I have
    choices and blogs such as these to read what others opinions are.
    thanks !

  20. Navjot

    Wait, nevermind..Canary Chrome is on version 9

  21. G-GeeK

    I used chrome but since ver 5.x and later it uses to much RAM,even more Ram than i have currently installed im my PC,for that i moved on to Firefox.

  22. Billy

    Used em all and Firefox is still the best. can’t beat using Firefox with AdBlock Plus….. I’ll stick to the fox and when the 4.0 version is ready I’ll be ready. Mine currently works for me.

  23. john

    Guys!! anybody tried opera 11 alpha build. it has come up with extensions. I m using it and after installing adblock extension , its looking faster than ff 4.0 nightly build8 & chromium build 9 on most of the sites.

    Check it out !!!!!!!

  24. calebstein

    Opera 11 is the best. Period.

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