Decorated Hard Drives Icon Packs for Your Computer

By Akemi Iwaya on October 25th, 2010

Do you like to finesse and choose the icons that represent each individual drive on your computer? If so, then we have two icon packs that will add a touch of style to your system.

The first icon pack (Hard Drive Icons) adds a touch of beautiful scenery to each hard drive to create a refreshing and colorful look. The second icon pack (7 XP and Vista Hard Drives) goes classic by representing each of the last three operating systems from Microsoft. Depending on your individual style or needs each icon pack can help make your system just a bit more personal and unique.

Note 1: All icons are in .ico format.

Note 2: There is one odd thing that we found with both icon packs… For the first icon pack the icons marked as “48px” are actually 32*32 pixels while the “unmarked” ones are 48*48 pixels. In the second icon pack the icons marked as “48px” are 32*32 pixels while the “unmarked” ones are 256*256 pixels in size.

Hard Drive Icons [Softpedia]

7 XP and Vista Hard Drives [Softpedia]

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  • Published 10/25/10
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