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Facebook Disconnect Removes All Traces of Facebook from Web Sites

If you’re tired of all the Facebook “Like” buttons and widgets on every web site (including this one), you can get rid of them entirely with a simple extension for Google Chrome.

There’s not much more to it—just install the extension and reload the page, and all the Facebook buttons will be gone from everywhere.

Facebook Disconnect [Google Chrome Extensions]

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  • Published 10/21/10

Comments (11)

  1. Kryten

    Anything like this for Firefox?

  2. pitman

    In addition to Kryten’s question is there an extension that get rid of all the “share this” stuff ? with the most annoying the one when your mouse is over it it expands a small windows with all kinds of sharing sites.

  3. Chronosome

    @Kryten — I recommend the Stylish extension with “Hide Facebook Connect Widgets” and “Hide Facebook Suggestion and Connect” userstyles. You can find it all at

    @Pitman — I’d go to Stylish for that, too. I know I saw an anti-share style at the other day.

  4. Alex

    Chronosome… thanks for your info. Who’d have thought removing these annoying “Facebook” buttons would be so easy (using Firefox). :-)

  5. Psyko

    I would be more than happy if you would make a post on how to do this on other browser as well, mainly Firefox.
    I read Chronosome’s reply but I couldn’t seem to find any working and/or valid stylish addons.

    Thank you

  6. nitin

    Thats a gr8 one……

  7. Bob Bowen

    Thank you so much. I hate this Facebook thing.

  8. Chronosome

    @Psyko: Here ya go:

    Enjoy. It’d be nice if a version of “Facebook Disconnect” itself were made available to Firefox users, but until then I guess we’ll have to make do with styles and scripts.

  9. Chronosome

    @Pitman — Here’s the “ShareThis/AddThis Hider” style I had mentioned:

    @Alex — My pleasure. I hope the moguls-that-be realize eventually that their take on the “social web” can be pretty damn annoying.

  10. Daniel

    It’s kinda funny that this article got 13 likes.

  11. Sebastian

    Even better than just hiding the Facebook labels is blocking them. Some German Firefox users provide the SocialMediaBlock filter list for Adblock Plus. You can install it here:

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