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Western Digital Releases a 3 Terabyte SATA Hard Drive

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Want to upgrade to a massive internal hard drive? Western Digital has just announced their next drive, with a capacity of three terabytes.

As the latest addition to its WD Caviar® Green™ family of SATA hard drives (photo), the new hard drives deliver up to a massive 3 terabytes (TB) of storage capacity on a single drive. WD is leading the industry in capacity for SATA hard drives by utilizing 750 GB-per-platter areal density and Advanced Format (AF) technology.

Looks like it’ll be priced at $240 and should be available soon, if not now.

This Is the Largest SATA Drive In the World [Gizmodo]

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  • Published 10/19/10

Comments (11)

  1. Jon

    You can get a pair of 2TB drives for just shy of $200. That’s 4TB of data compared to 3TB. Much better deal.

  2. asdf-chan

    Not if you run raid and don’t have so many sata-slots free. I would prefer 2x3TB over 3x2TB.
    Besides i think i’ve heard that todays operating systems have a limit of max. 4TB per harddisk, true ||

  3. Huisie

    Does it come with a warning that NTFS has a BIOS boot limit of 2Tb?

    Those using this for a new install might be surprised…

  4. Huisie

    Following on from my post above:

    “…WD is planning to ship the new drives with UEFI and AHCI compliant Host Bus Adapters (HBA). A 64-bit OS is required to boot from the new drives, but 32-bit systems will still be able to use the drives as secondary storage…”

  5. LadyFitzgerald

    Am I the only one who can’t get into the above link?

  6. Jon

    This is a 5400RPM drive. I would not use these to install an OS on. That wouldn’t be a very good idea.

    I’m looking at the cost per GB. The 2TB drives are cheaper in that aspect. If you are talking RAID then even three 2TB drives in RAID 5 are cheaper ($300) than two 3TB drives in RAID 1 ($480). You have more usable storage, $180 more in your wallet and better performance.

  7. Earl

    “This Is the Largest SATA Drive In the World” should be “This Is the highest-capacity SATA Drive In the World”, assuming that it is physically a standard 3.5″ form factor.

  8. JK

    Doesn’t MBR drives max out at 2TB which means you have to format it as a GDP or something? And the latter takes DAYS to disk check. Currently I have 2TB*9=18TB of space and price wise I’m happy I chose the 2TB and disk check wise I’m even happier. I had a 2.2TB HDD and it wouldn’t let me format it as a MBR.

  9. rroberto18

    You have to buy 2 if you believe in backups, don’t you?

  10. ProstheticHead

    @LadyFitzgerald – Works OK for me.

    @Earl – I’m sorry but that’s being REALLY pedantic…

  11. William

    Watch out for the 3 T drive. They do not have sufficent drivers to even have their own WD Live TV recognise the drive. The customer support says a fix is months off. (probably summe 2011) I’ve wasted an enormus amount of time to find out that this was the problem. It beyond me why WD would release a product that their own products are incompatable with.

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