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WOT Will be One of the First Opera Extensions

Regardless of which browser you use, WOT (Web of Trust) is one of the most useful and helpful extensions you can install. With the current and older versions of Opera you could only use a bookmarklet version of WOT, but that will all change when Opera 11 becomes available.

From the blog post: WOT was invited to be one of the first extensions and will be released with Opera 11. WOT will be included in the online extensions catalog – a one stop shop for Opera Extensions. This site will be launched alongside the new release of the Opera Desktop browser.

This is definitely great news for anyone who considers the WOT extension a must-have addition for their favorite browsers. What extensions would you like to see available for Opera 11?

Photo by Web of Trust.

WOT is among the first for new Opera Extensions [WOT Blog]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 10/19/10

Comments (15)

  1. janiks

    Looks exactly the same as in chrome

  2. tneria01

    One of the first things I do when I work on any friends computer is to add WOT to what ever web browser they are using. I wouldn’t surf without it.

  3. Jon

    That is great news, I hope Opera can sort out the problems with LastPass too as lastpass developers claimed in the past that the reason why they don’t work with Opera is because they did not provide them with enough support while building a widget.

  4. edmenje

    I have been using the WOT User Javascript in Opera (a while back needed both the JS and the bookmarklet together, until the JS was updated for greater functionality) though I do look forward to having a fully supported extension when I do upgrade. I’ve been using Opera (not continually but mostly) since version 3.x it’s now my default browser both at home and at work and portably on my USB drives. Now if we can get McAffee site advisor or similar extension soon as well, I’ll have all the same search engine security additions I use on IE, Firefox and Chrome.

  5. at0mic

    i’ll use any browser that noscript, adblock plus and wot worked in. does xmarks work in opera? if opera had extensions i’m sure they would a bigger player in the browser wars. i try out every new version of opera but i still go back to firefox. the newest version seemed a little difficult this time, i had to go to “help” a few times.

  6. at0mic

    out of curiosity i reinstalled opera to give it another chance. first thing i noticed was the malware/adware google search up in the corner. i noticed bing not on the drop down list so i “googled” bing as opera default and what shows up? ad infested sites with absolutely no relevant information to the newest version of opera. the opera forums looked like a day on lockergnome with all the kidiot comments and no real substance. thank you revo…

  7. Roi

    Why are Firefox, Opera, and IE starting to look like Chrome? *sigh*

  8. Nolan

    Because Chrome looks awesome. I know that’s subjective, I couldn’t be happier about the decreasing amount of screen real estate browsers are using and I think Chrome was the catalyst that drove it.

  9. bassman22

    @Roi and Nolan
    Exactly, it’s precisely that, Chrome looks awesome, it was the first browser that actually kept what’s important and left out what’s not. If you want clutter, you can always install random toolbars…

  10. Toy

    Opera is not starting to look like chrome, Opera was the first that began cleaning the interface and using tabs for browsing, if the interface has the same color as Chrome’s interface is because of the Windows 7 integration, with this feature Opera adopts the current Windows’s style. I know how much you love Chrome but be realistic and get it down from that pedestal, i’ve been using opera since it was a paid app so i know what i’m talking about.

  11. CGA

    I’m really hoping for a smooth scroller liker Chrome’s wheel smooth scroller or FFs Yet another smooth scrolling.

  12. Niko

    Great news, other extensions I hope to see in Opera:

    I’d love to see Xmarks in Opera (now that it seems they are not longer closing). Cross browser and platform tab and nookmarks sync? Win.

    Zotero is an extension I’d love too.

  13. Fodaro

    @Roi: as Toy said, it’s not that Opera, Firefox, and IE are starting to look like Chrome, it’s that Chrome, Firefox and IE now look (and often function) like Opera.

    What I’d really like to see as an Opera extension is IE Tab (an extension to Firefox and Chrome that lets you open IE within your preferred browser.)

  14. daddylo

    @ janiks

    Incase you don’t know Opera had that user interface before Chrome.

  15. daddylo

    Now next when Chrome reach version 12 people say Chrome was the first browser…… please Howtogeek educate people more … please….

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