Upcoming Adobe Reader X Will Finally Solve Some Security Problems

By Lowell Heddings on October 18th, 2010

Today Adobe finally announced the newest version of their Reader product, with a new sandboxing technology to help solve the security problems.

The new version of Adobe Reader will feature sandboxing security technology designed to add an additional layer of protection against attacks targeting the popular PDF viewer. Adobe Reader Protected Mode will be enabled by default and included in Adobe Reader browser plug-ins for all the major browsers. The sandbox mechanism will keep PDF processing, such as JavaScript execution, 3D rendering, and image parsing, to a confined area and prevent applications from installing or deleting files, modifying system information, or accessing processes.

It’s about time, if you ask me. Adobe Reader has been the cause for so many security holes, and hopefully this will stop it.

Announcing Adobe Reader [Adobe]

Adobe Reader X to come within 30 days [CNET]

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  • Published 10/18/10
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