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How to Add the Status Bar Back in Firefox 4.0

The new version of the Firefox browser changes the user interface dramatically, and even removes the status bar just like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 9—but if you’re afraid of change, there’s a browser extension that can put it back to the way you’re used to.

Just download and install the extension to get the status bar back. Nothing to it.

Status-4-Evar [Firefox Add-ons via Tweaking with Vishal]

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  • Published 10/15/10

Comments (6)

  1. Lucky Man

    so that’s mean I can switch to FF 4 now but what if Add-On extensions or something might not be compatible yet?

  2. Paul Heistman

    Um, u can just try ‘View’ and select ‘Status Bar’ – that sounds very simple without any extensions.

  3. WiiMaster64

    @Paul Heistman
    Not in the latest nightlies, they removed even that feature.

  4. doughboi

    I like this extension because this is the reason I hate the Google Chrome Browser.

  5. dood

    The moment FF4 gets an official release I’ll be sure to make it look like how my FF3.6 looks right now.
    I just don’t like how it looks, but after trying it a little (with having my extensions “compatible”) I like how it feels faster.
    Can’t wait for it.

  6. hodaaort

    Just use Opera . It is a very good alternative

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