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Ask Ubuntu Answers All Your Ubuntu Linux Questions

Our friends over at StackOverflow, the same guys that run the Super User site you’re all familiar with, have launched a new site that is now the official QnA site for Ubuntu.

It works just like any of the StackExchange sites—you can ask, answer, or vote questions up or down, and earn reputation on the site based on how much of a contributor you are.

So if you have any questions about Ubuntu, it’s probably the place to ask them.

Ask Ubuntu

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  • Published 10/12/10

Comments (4)

  1. John Joerg

    My cursor is so sensitive that when I pass over an icon or a link, it automatically opens it up. I’d rather be able to click on whatever I wanted to open. How do I change the sensitivity. I’ve already fiddled with the sensitiivity in “behavior,” but whether it’s on high or low, the result is the same.

    Yes, I’m running 10.10


  2. david

    thats awesome. im stoked to start using this.

  3. Michael Johnson

    Sorry, new user and don’t know how to ask Ubuntu/StackOverflow directly!

    Dear StackOverflow:

    Having trouble getting my computer to download/boot up from Ubuntu 10.10 from a 16 GB flash drive.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite with Windows Vista Home Basic.

    (1) I had a virus so I reformatted and wiped the harddrive clean and
    (2) wiped it with zeros 7 times.
    (3) Reinstalled Windows Vista “OS” from the Restore disk CD-ROM.
    (4) separately configured 16 GB Cruzer flash drive as a boot disk
    (5) set up two separate partitions on flash drive
    (6) downloaded Ubuntu 10.10 onto flash drive
    (7) plugged flash drive into computer USB 2.0 port
    (8) reset BIOS to boot from the USB port with Ubuntu flash drive
    (9) Ubuntu will not load into RAM on computer
    (10) I don’t want to use the harddrive on the computer but to totally bypass it and boot from and operate totally from the Ubuntu flashdrive so that I don’t leave any trace of Ubuntu “OS” or application s/w or data on the harddrive but ONLY on the flash drive. I don’t want to mess up anybodies’ computer nor have my personal information on any other computer.

    Can you please help me?
    Thanks, “the_dog_father_mike”

  4. Araka Nickson

    I use ubuntu 10.04. I have failed to install my Canon IR1510-1670 printer. how do i install? Help.

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