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How to Download Google Maps for Offline Use

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If you’ve ever wanted to be able to download Google Maps data for offline use, you should check out gmapcatcher, a cross-platform application that caches map segments locally.

There’s both a GUI version and a command-line version that you can use to pull down the maps data. The whole thing is written in Python, but the installer should handle everything for Windows users. If not, install Python and try again.

gmapcatcher [Google Code]

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  • Published 10/7/10

Comments (12)

  1. vrv

    But how it would be possible to use google maps on mobile phone offline, in case I don’t have possibility to use 3g connection?

  2. Emil

    Yeah, a guide / app for that would be awesome!

  3. Manuel

    It is great. Thanks guys.

  4. Paul

    Agreed – I’d love to use these maps on my Android phone. Any way to do this?

  5. meep

    Has anyone ever been even as far as to do look more like?

  6. Roi

    Thanks! I’ve needed something like that before :)

  7. shinigamibob

    I’ve read somewhere that caching the google maps content is against their TOS. I’ve also heard that if google’s server catches a large amount of data being copied at one time, the downloading ip address is blocked for a while. Its also the reason why none of the apps for iOS that cache maps locally use google maps – they use their own version of the maps.

    Just a heads up.

  8. Ugoogle

    @shinigamibob – thanks for your comment. An idea: have you seen the new HTC Desire Z? In its advertising HTC claims that you can download the maps for offline use (in your local or relevant area) and from the video – as I remember – it looks like google maps.. possible?

  9. Paulo Vitor


  10. Paulo Vitor

    That’s what i’ve been searching for!

  11. bidulka

    I looked at the developer site and it seems it doesn’t support google maps any more.
    What gives?

  12. Anisha Kaul

    This link says they still support the Google maps:

    and thanks to the blogger for the enlightenment.

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