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Internet Explorer Is Below 50% Market Share for the First Time

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It’s taken forever, but it looks like Internet Explorer has finally fallen below 50% market share in the worldwide browser market—and Google Chrome is growing at a very fast clip.

Over here on How-To Geek, our readers are ahead of the curve, with almost 20% of of the visitors in the last month using Google Chrome, 40% on Firefox, and only 32% using Internet Explorer.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser falls below 50% of worldwide market for first time

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  • Published 10/5/10

Comments (18)

  1. Kevin

    FireFox is becoming the dominant browser in a lot of countries now and Chrome is getting better and better.

  2. o0k

    in my work the users use internet explorer but all the agents use firefox for stability and velocity

  3. Tangmeister

    ^^ Or you could say

    The company needs us to use IE but we use FF because it’s FAST! :D

  4. Ryan Haylett

    You don’t even know how happy this makes me!

  5. Chrome

    Soon, Chrome will become the most used browser.
    Love using it

  6. calebstein

    WTF? Opera is below 3%. WTF?

  7. Bron

    With all the attention given to browser speed (which is usually only a small margin of difference), Security benchmarks are forgotten. IE has the best security due to improvements since IE6 Therefore I still use it primarily with other browsers if I feel like it. IE9 will most likely remedy all the rendering gripes that I have and I’m very excited about that. Safari, on the other hand, needs to be recycled like newspaper from a hamster cage.

  8. Dwayne

    I was using Fire Fox last year on Vista, but when I switched to Windows7 Fire Fox started having issues. I switched to Chrome and it worked OK, but I had a lot of issues with media players on some sites not working. I went back to IE and lost the web based media player issues but lost some of the add-on features I liked, like instant spell check and translations. I am now running the beta of IE9 and it is fast but still lacking those features. For me it is either IE9 or Chrome I have them both installed on my computers. Firefox is actually number 4 on my list behind Opera. The few weeks I used Safari I saw no advantage to it at all.

  9. Simon

    I tried most of all browsers and settled for Fire Fox, for 2 years but IE9 has changed the way and I believe this will recapture its lost market share.

  10. rroberto18

    I’ve noticed many people now use more than one browser. Do these statistics take that into account?

    I only use IE to deal with MS websites like Windows Update because these sites don’t work well with non-MS browsers by design. And even on many non-MS websites, when you click to contact someone there by email, it automatically brings up IE if you have a hotmail account, even if it’s not your primary.

    But IE will be soon be paying the price for making its 9 version uninstallable into WinXP systems. That surely will cause further loss of market share they could have easily avoided. The only reason I can think of for MS taking that exclusionary step is to push XP users to upgrade to Win 7 — but as many XP machines don’t support that either, that’s another example of unintended consequences.

    I don’t believe many people change their OS just for the latest edition of any browser — and when backed into a corner, will not necessarily go with IE9 even once they do get a new Win7 machine.

    Expect Chrome to drop soon as well. Although Chrome 6 is my current default browser, GMail gets more sluggish by the day across all platforms and Chrome itself has lost the ability to re-open tabs or have other user setting work as they did on earlier builds. Even work-arounds suggested don’t consistently work.

    Add to that Chrome 6’s higher crash rate even with just 4 tans opened and Google having no customer service other than a Help forum with no Google moderators, I might finally jump ship to a Firefox default along with so many others on the Chrome Help Forum who say they are about to do as Google continues to ignore its customers and its bugs.

    But what’s Firefox Help Form like? Is it moderated by Mozilla folk? The only thing IE has going for it is that they offer free email support, but how long will they provide that for IE8 users?

    I’d consider Opera except too many websites I rely on don’t support Opera ay all.

    There doesn’t seem to be an ideal browser even with al the competition. And the above Chrome users just haven’t entered the back hole that seems to suck Chrome 6 users into without warning.

  11. Camilo Martin

    Just to note, Chrome caused me several BSODs on XP. Do you know what it means to open a random link and BANG! BSOD!?? >:(

  12. Dave

    I would like to see the same type of comparison done with OSs instead of browsers. It would be interesting to see the results.

  13. v10

    @Dave: Should be easy enough, Google Analytics (the second screen shot above) offers operating system information as well. Maybe they could show us their infos :P

  14. Roi

    The reason IE9 will not install on WinXP is because WinXP won’t support IE9. Many parts of IE9 won’t work in WinXP. And that serves those who use XP right, because it is so old now that there is no excuse to still use it.

  15. Fodaro

    I wonder how many of those IE users are using it because they have to, e.g. at work or school. I use IE8 at least half the time, not because I like it (goodness no), but because my college is so tight on IT that they won’t even install a free and superior browser :-|.

    @calebstein: Depressing, I know, but at least *we* use the right browser :-)

  16. mhenriday

    I have many different browsers installed om my computers, including – on those boxes with Windows OS installed – IE8. I willingly never run it, however, as I find it slower and more prone to crashes than the alternatives : FF, Chrome/Chromium, Opera, etc. I’m no browser fundamentalist and I’ll certainly give IE9 a whirl when the stable version is released, but from the reviews I’ve seen, I somehow doubt that it is quite as epoch making as certain persons would like to convince us that it is. Alas, as it isn’t cross-platform compatible, as, for example, IE4 was, my opportunites for testing Microsoft’s latest and greatest will be somewhat limited, as I much prefer to use non-MS OS….


  17. Chrome Lover

    When I first heard about Chrome, I thought why we need another browser, and why in the hell google spend its money on this stupid idea.
    But after I used it, man, I just felt in love with it.
    The beautiful UI, the speed, the intuitive UI.
    I will never switch to IE, ever.

  18. catilley1092

    The only reason that IE has the market share that they have (along with Windows Media Player), is that it’s force fed to us when we either buy a new computer or a new version of Windows. If we had the choice, like the Europeans do, IE probably would be around 25% or less usage.

    Fortunately, there are many third party apps that does the same functions in Windows, much better than the ones that were shipped with the OS.


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