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Now Mac Fanboys Can Have a Statue of Steve Wozniak to Pray To

First it was a pixelated bust of Steve Jobs, and now there’s another one of Steve Wozniak. Apple fans are more than slightly mental, eh?

And yeah, just like the bust of Steve Jobs, this one is also for sale, and bears a slight resemblance to a golden calf… if they make a gold-plated one of these, Moses is gonna start throwing tablets of stone at people.

Steve Wozniak bust [Shapeways]

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  • Published 10/5/10

Comments (5)

  1. Hatryst

    Whats next? Phil Schiller? :D

  2. VW

    This is a prelude to Appleites the religion of the twenty first century.

  3. Zack

    The difference between the two? Wozniak actually created Apple’s success. If it wasn’t for Wozniak’s Apple II, Apple wouldn’t be as far as they are today. Jobs is the face of the company, but Wozniak was the brains when he was with Apple.

  4. dan

    I would have thought that any potrait of steve jobs should include An Asshole
    If such a t-shirt exists – I will buy one and wear it proudly

  5. ProstheticHead

    Is ^this^ really appropriate here? Slightly concerned…

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