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Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Family Pack Now Available

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If you’ve got multiple PCs in your home that are still running Windows Vista, you can upgrade them all in one batch and save some money in the process.

It’s $150 for the upgrade, which works on up to 3 computers—though you should note this only will upgrade Windows Vista computers and not Windows XP.

Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Family Pack [Microsoft]

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  • Published 10/4/10

Comments (14)

  1. Cambo

    Once again, M$ screws over folks who have bought previous products. This is why I switched the fam to Linux. Enough of this upgrade path garbage. Where’s the Family Pack- “Clean install” version?

  2. Khai

    if this is the same pack as before, it will upgrade XP to Win7, but not directly. it will accept XP as an upgrade OS,(Media Disks or Dual Boot as Proof), but you will have to start over with the install as if a fresh one.

    (I know this cos this is how we used the pack here to upgrade 2 XP machines to Win7)

  3. Spaul40

    Khai is correct. You can use this to upgrade from XP to Win 7. Of course, any upgrade from XP to Win 7 means a complete install whether you buy the expensive upgrade package or this 3 for $150 package. The article statement of this package being only good from Vista is just plain wrong! As most people know, you can use an upgrade package to do a complete install on a new computer (check the internet for how to do this if you don’t already know).

  4. George Micheal BARTON

    This is a total dissapointment, As a amateur desktop builder I was looking forward to a “buy one get two free offer” on Windows 7 complete install packs. All this says to me is dont put too much trust in the big M, their main interest is in cold hard cash. I have 2 new clean computers in final stages of construction, these may now get the latest Linux distro Or I might do what Spaul40 recommends in his final sentence.

    What a bummer!!

  5. jfjb

    1) Win XP is an upgradable OS to Windows 7.

    2) Upgrading XP to Windows 7, is NOT downward compatible, therefore, one has to reinstall EVERYTHIING — OS and applications — from scratch.

  6. Anna McCullough

    This is an old listing. MS quit offering this months ago. I took advantage of it back when it was a viable offering, and upgraded two computers (one Vista, one XP), I still have one install left… I thought it was a good deal, but this offer is long over.

  7. Anna McCullough

    I stand corrected – when I first clicked that link I got an “out of stock” page, the second time I clicked it the link went to a viable page and I was able to add the item to a cart (not to buy it again, but just to test if this was actually a working offer). I am quite surprised that MS is re-offering this. It’s seriously not a bad deal.

  8. Doug

    I don’t see what the big deal is? If you’re going to upgrade to a whole new OS then you would think you should start from scratch. I’m not going to buy a new car and take my old engine, tires, etc…,maybe the stereo but you could consider that the data portion

  9. Benjamin

    This sounds decent, but with the 3 computer we have here, its a a mess of OSes.

    My moms PC is XP Home Edition, my Sisters Laptop is Vista Home Premium, but my PC is Vista Home Premium x64.

    Would this be able to upgrade both the 32bit and 64bit OSes in one go with the package?

  10. Dwayne

    As a builder I can get three license oem versions for about the same price but for those with multiple Vista and XP computers this is a good offer. Like said above you can upgrade XP with this, you select “Custom Option” when doing the setup. Make sure you transfer all your files to another source because they will be written over.

    Do the complete formatting is an option that personally I would do but you don’t have to, if you decide to format use the format option on the upgrade disk.

    Cambo Linux is great for the computer geek, but for those who have to do work at home and work in a MS office environment Windows is an evil they need to keep. Honestly to anyone wanting to do a Linux based computer I suggest Mythbuntu a version of Ubuntu with MythTV pre-installed, a great media center OS and using Open Office and other such programs can be a very good production OS also, but most over the counter software requires Windows so Windows wins.

    Honestly I would buy a Mythbuntu PC before I bought a Mac. All the stability claims of a Mac are met by this Linux based OS, all the security of a Mac and the affordability of a PC puts it way ahead of the over priced Mac any day of the week. Ubuntu has drivers for most hardware and the ability to use a TV tuner which a lot of other media players/centers on Linux do not offer.

  11. johnny

    @ Benjamin, yes you can, the box you get with the three pack contains a 32 bit and 64 bit disc, the license key only allows three installations

  12. Dave

    Ubuntu 10.10 come out in just a couple and I can upgrade or clean install as many as I want to for FREE. One PC at a time me and M$ are parting ways…forever! See ya…sucks to be ya.

  13. Joe

    I actually bought this and I can tell you that it specifically says (and I quote):

    “ATTENTION! All editions of Windows XP and Windows Vista qualify you to upgrade. You must accept the enclosed license terms before you can use this software. To read the license terms, go to For use on up to three computers in one household by its residents. For more information on Qualified Family Pack User, go to Activation by phone or internet is required.”


    So whoever said you can’t upgrade from XP is simply wrong. However, it is still good advice to see if your computer can run Windows 7 before you upgrade.

    (And, NO! I Don’t work for or have an interest in Microsoft.)

  14. SNA

    Just a query, if I have 3 new assambled PCs, can I install the family pack on them?

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