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One of Windows Phone 7’s Killer Features is… Visual Basic?

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Over at the Windows Phone blog, they’ve just announced that one of the top requests from developers was using Visual Basic to write apps for the phone. Visual Basic? Seriously?

Ever since we first announced the application platform for WP7, there was a loud chorus of Visual Basic developers asking if and when they would be able to build apps for Windows Phone. That wait is over. You can now download the Visual Basic CTP for Windows Phone Developer Tools.

Years of troubleshooting badly written VB code might have me a little jaded, and yes, I know that Visual Basic in .NET isn’t the same language anymore—but isn’t it time to move on to better languages like C# or… anything else?

Visual Basic Comes to Windows Phone 7

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  • Published 09/25/10

Comments (9)

  1. Mike-RaWare

    I thought that this site was named ‘How-To Geek’ not ‘How-To Troll’. C# is not better than VB.Net and vice versa. It’s just as easy to write bad programs in C# as in VB.Net.

  2. David

    I have to agree with Mike. Now that .Net uses the CLR, there is no difference in how the core runs. VB is an easier language to learn, which makes programming more accessible. How can that be considered bad?

  3. MJ

    I agree with both Mike and David, I started programming by myself using Visual Basic 2008 Express and I found it really easy and comprehensive. I like the language much more than C++, which I used when I did a small and useless course to build Windows Console apps using DevC++. I should try, however C#, since I find that a lot of open source code is written in that language, but right now I’d rather keep using VB.Net.

  4. Grant

    I agree with Mike, David, and MJ. Visual Basic .NET is nearly identical to C# in code structure, eliminates the headache involved with converting types, and in many cases can do the same thing C# can do with less lines of code. Sure, it may be a little wordy, but that’s no reason to dismiss it.

  5. getlife

    I think Mike, David ,MJ and Grant is just one person posing as 4 different persons

  6. The Geek

    Actually they are all different people, and yeah, I suppose this post is somewhat opinionated.

    I’ve been a C# programmer for years, and I spent a large amount of time rewriting bad Visual Basic code in C# which gives me a bit of a bias against it.

  7. dean

    @The Geek, so the ‘war’ continues…?

    Since we’re being opinionated… Ok, VB will pr’ly never enjoy equal status with C-whatever. Mostly due to the bad code pre-VB.NET enabled noob programmers to write.

    However, and you know this, VB.NET is not technically inferior to C-whatever. Still, some ‘pros’ turn-up their noses at VB coders b/c they don’t know the ‘secret handshake’. Perhaps they do not know it, or perhaps they might be too busy writing some cool code, one easy to read line after another, wasting extra bytes, writing actual words. :)

    And, to make an historical nose tweak, the Year 2000 bug, one of the largest and most significant data management snafus ever, wasn’t at the hand of any VB programmers. Nope, it was a bunch of ‘pros’ who wanted to save a couple bytes…

    Keep up the great work. Love your site, hope you don’t mind the tweak.

  8. RobCr

    I am an old die hard that intended to sticki to VB6 until I die.
    (Don’t flame me yet)
    However mobile phone development caught my attention.
    Which brings me to my question –
    What is the drawback of the free Express versions of VB.NET ?
    Surely there must be some limitation, that forces one (me) to purchase the non free version ?

  9. George

    No not really – express versions are fully functional IDEs – they just don’t ship with all the extras you get in enterprise versions. Oh and yes you can build and sell your programs with Visual Express without giving a dime to Microsoft

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