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The Nerdiest Desktop Setup of All Time [Video]

This is, without question, the nerdiest desktop setup ever. Looks like it’s put together with Rainmeter and… not sure what else. You’ll see lots of close-ups of various system stats and other gadgets all over the desktop. One has to assume the rotating images are a video of some type, possibly using DreamScene.

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  • Published 09/25/10

Comments (18)

  1. ColdEmbrace

    You have no idea how much i want that setup

  2. WarmishPluto

    theme used is called
    Midnight_Glass_Nature_Theme_by_MrGRiM01 on deviantart
    although Im not a star trek fan…i still love it!

  3. Sid

    haha .. awesome mate :D

  4. Hatryst

    Love it, but it would literally be eating up CPU and RAM
    Nice for show-off, not for personal use ;)

  5. iHack42

    Freakin awesome I so want that setup :)

  6. Kondrik


    While one can assume that the rotating images are video being run using DreamScene, the most resource-effective method would be to use an animated “.gif” file (or three). If the individual frames were a high enough resolution & the transitions were smooth enough, it could very easily be the quality shown.

  7. LH

    And not a Tribble in site :)

  8. Kevalin

    Tsk, LN… That would be “…and no tribble a’ tall.”

  9. Kevalin

    LH! Danmed self-correct. :-0

  10. Bounded1`

    Nerdiest?? where?? it is just a dreamscene called “enterprise” and rainmeter in multiple monitor ok! what’s new with that????

  11. Julia

    My desktop has a picture of two flowers of Tennessee Sensation daylily. I took it in late spring after our very late bloom season. My laptop has a photo of two flowers of Diamond Shadows daylily. It was a new acquisition last winter. Both photos were taken by me.

  12. FJMcNasty

    Alzheimers is kicking in – Is that music from “Blade Runner”?

  13. Lelouch

    It looks amazing and all. But.. it’s really kinda stupid that he’s running windows with that nerdy setup.

  14. netkillercat

    tip you can have more then one video on your desktop i have 50 HD dreamscenes on vlc playlist set it to dx wallpaper mode and direct3d desktop mode after you click play and loop all and there you go dreamscene changer dont forget to loop all lol
    on ubuntu a have the same 50hd dreamscene converted it to one big file avi then use a-desk 3d wallpaper script
    lol just a tip

  15. DJyann

    OMG that’s unreal, i sooooo love it, plus this guy has some awesome specs, best setup ever

  16. tmercswims


  17. bonedog73

    Cool but I never see my desktop…

  18. roniepao

    i bet howtogeek can do better than that.

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