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When iPhones and Jury Duty do not mix

You may want to reconsider the next time you go to use your iPhone during jury duty. A Florida jury foreperson used his iPhone to look up the definition of prudence on Encarta and shared the result with his fellow jury members. The result? His actions were considered misconduct and the “introduction” of the definition into jury deliberations led to a mistrial being declared.

From the article: Some might think that the foreperson, merely trying to discharge his duty fully, wanted to ensure that such a vital word in the trial as “prudent” was understood by all.

What do you think? Was it a good or bad decision by the Court of Appeals?

Photo by Wikipedia.

Juror’s imprudent iPhone search causes mistrial [via CNET News]

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  • Published 09/17/10

Comments (5)

  1. Wayne

    So understanding the definitions under which the jury is expected to render fair judgment is in fact enough to force a mistrial?

    Surely if there was ever a problem with a legal system this is it. “We want our juror’s stupid. That way we can point ’em where we want ’em.”

    Bad decision.

  2. John Ripple

    I must say lawyers and judges are just stupid people.

  3. Camilo Martin

    I must say lawyers and judges are just stupid people. (2)

  4. Jack Devis

    I must say lawyers and judges are just stupid people. (3)

  5. stress1ner

    if he had used a plain dictionary would the results have been the same?

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