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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Reuse the Same Passwords on Every Site

Password Reuse [xkcd]

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  • Published 09/13/10

Comments (9)

  1. Larry

    I don’t get it? What is a companywide CoD4?
    Please explain to a simple, non-computer geek!

  2. devin

    online game named Call of Duty 4

  3. Tahmar

    To the How to Geeks –
    …..and you really do know how to !!!
    I have had 2 so called computer technicians ( one with a 4 year Computer Science degree ) come to my home and try to network 2 printers – one is an old HP LaserJet 4P and the other a HP PhotoSmart C4680 both installed on one Computer with XP Pro o/s and the other a Laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium o/s and they could not get it right – I am a subscriber to your daily emails and I found the mail about “Sharing files and Printers between Win 7 & XP – I followed your excellent instructions explicitey and am so pleased to inform you that the LaserJet works on both computers and the Photosmart only on the XP , but at least I have one working on both computers, I will try to find the issue with the PhotoSmart as your instructions worked perfectly for the LaserJet.

    I LOVE YOUR EMAILS – most of which are greek to me as I am not very computer savvy, just an old woman in late 60’s that has had so much help from your mails content and just want to say THANK YOU – thank you so very much and will be sending a small token of appreciation as soon as I find your mailing address. – Whoever writes these mails and instructions are to be commended – they are precise, and in layman’s language that even someone like myself can read and understand. – you make my computing life so much easier – Thank You again!!


  4. Tara

    I don’t understand. I use pretty much the same password for most sites (or some variation of the same password) and I’d really like to know why I shouldn’t, but this “article” made no sense to me. I’m not what you would consider “computer saavy” and I’m sure a lot of people who come to this site also are not. Could you please tell us why we shouldn’t do this but explain it in a way that easier for us that are technologically challenged?? That would be great!! Thanks! :-)

  5. Nate

    Someone could set up a site that looks interesting. They ask you to signup and almost every website you give your email address. If you use the same password on this new site as you do on other sites, they can use the email address and password to enter other sites and see your info. It happened to my wife’s Yahoo account. Anyone recommend a good method for storing password info so people can avoid this? It’s impossible to remember so many different passwords.

  6. streetwolf

    LastPass a multi platform password manager that can generate passwords for you which you do not need to remember.

  7. Ken

    Dont use a single password, wherever possible use a sentance and make slight changes for every site ie:
    I like my dog called ebay
    I like my dog called HSBC bank
    etc etc

  8. akash

    or use keepass to auto-generate passwords for you and also to auto-fill forms/logins

  9. ruchita02

    Honestly, I didn’t get anything :|

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