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The Hero Programmer Bug Hunting Quest Game

NVidia graphics cards have had some serious driver problems over the years, and this Flash game pokes some fun at it with a (fake) interactive bug hunt in Visual Studio.

You have to click wherever the bug in the code might be within 10 seconds or else it’ll explode. Hilarious.

Hero Programmer Quest [via @WithinRafael]

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  • Published 09/13/10

Comments (2)

  1. Hatryst

    I was able to identify errors till level 3, but after that, it got more complex…
    Basic errors are really easy to identify, like a missing semicolon, two or more initiations for a variable, etc ;)
    But this game has a bug as well. 10 seconds are not enough, there must be 4 minutes (4 minutes to save the world, Justin Timberlake song, u know !)

  2. Nathaniel

    Y’know, I have been doing web-based coding for years now (as a hobby, of course), using and abusing PHP and javascript like none other. Though I’m familiar with C++, I can’t track down the errors fast enough for the game…I think more than anything, with the 10 second timer, it comes down to memorizing the errors as you go and remembering where to click, as I can’t think of a single person I know who could find an error that fast in any kind of code not written by them — including my ex’s father who works with C++ as a career.

    I dunno. Maybe my problem is that I just can’t read fast enough…

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