Boba Fett Auditions for Raiders of the Lost Ark

By Akemi Iwaya on September 13th, 2010

flickr member Jason Ternus presents a humorous mix of Star Wars and Indiana Jones as Boba Fett auditions for Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Here is a copy of the mini-script included with the image:

Fett: And we see that what was once yours can easily become mine Solo.

GL: Cut!

Fett: I said Solo again…this is stupid, its the same guy…

Note: There is a 1600*1200 pixel version of this image available if you would like to use it as a wallpaper.

Few people knew that Fett auditioned for a role in Raiders of the Lost Ark (Explore) [flickr]

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  • Published 09/13/10
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