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Webmail Stats Show Hotmail and Gmail Growing, Yahoo Declining

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Looks like Hotmail is actually growing, while Yahoo is down. What this doesn’t tell you is that Gmail gained 22% over the last year, while Hotmail only gained 3%.

As mail traffic at Yahoo has dropped an average of 11% in 2010 versus last year, the fall in its overall U.S. traffic has averaged 8%. Yahoo Mail remains top in total email page views in the U.S., but Microsoft‘s Hotmail and Google’s Gmail are grabbing share. Internationally, Hotmail has the most page views, and is building its lead according to comScore.

New webmail stats show Yahoo down, Hotmail in the lead []

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  • Published 09/13/10

Comments (12)

  1. at0mic

    i’ve had yahoo forever and i’m dropping it. i checked my email one day and there i was, on some idiotic social network. if i wanted that kind of garbage i would sign onto gmail and follow lifehacker like a mindless zombie.

  2. LadyFitzgerald

    I’m still using Yahoo. I can’t use Hotmail because I have to have my cookies enabled (like heck THAT’S going to happen; it’s my computer and I will decide what gets put on it) and when I tried Gmail a while back, it just seemed a bit obtuse and clumsy. I never could even figure out how to forward email with the thing. One thing I learned with Yahoo’s mail, however, is to never start using a new version until it’s been out at least a year. New versions I tried were buggier than a flophouse bed. I suspect they were deliberately using new adopters as unwitting beta testers.

  3. williamknight57

    I have been using Yahoo since the start, the only major problem I have had with them is you non-customer service dept. to full auto-generated responses, my email address go hacked a few months back, (as has thousands of others) and it took two weeks to actually have contact with a human, and LadyFitzgerald is right the new versions don’t seem to be an improvement.

  4. Dunfiddlin

    But every ‘girl’ that has ‘become interested’ in me and would like me to mail her for a photo has a Yahoo address! If it can’t keep pace even with all that scam-spam it really must be in trouble!

  5. sasaranthomaslim

    why not?all the email address links to one email address,sorry i still no it work

  6. sasaranthomaslim

    i still no understant about every it work properly,thanks

  7. Cam

    I prefer Zoho Mail because it’s not connected to search sites and there is no motive to build a profile on you. It’s much more respectful of your privacy.

  8. at0mic

    Cam, i looked at Zoho before deciding on GMX just for the same reasons.

  9. Msidiiq

    Gmail = Best
    Hotmail = Not bad
    Yahoo = Spam

  10. Justmast

    I am using all these.

  11. Justmast

    Iam using all these three services along with AOL and rediff.
    My prefrence list goes like:
    1. Hotmail
    2. Gmail
    (I like hotmail’s interface more than gmail and its new features, specially sweep and block.)
    3. Yahoo Mail
    4. AOL Mail.
    ( Using Yahoo from a long time, but its a bit clumsy now. Take a while in loading, why they had put so much stuff on mail page? Using AOL from a short time, so….. not much details.)
    5. Rediffmail.
    ( Hate the ads they give. Wish they rise, since they are old players in this.)

  12. dave

    I luv Zoho Mail. It has a decent interface. Best POP capabilities. Nice Support representatives and a decent mobile interface with iPhone message service.

    I have tried everything you mentioned, GMail, hotmail, Yahoo, Rediff.. but Zoho beats everything hands down with its unlimited storage and unlimited POP accounts. I have all my accounts Popped there.. which means, i need not login to any other site for sending/ receiving mails.. Everything is a breeze with them

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