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Ever Wonder How Facebook Worms Actually Work?

If you’ve spent time on Facebook, you’ve probably seen one of your friends fall victim to a scam or three. The worst of these scams use security holes to automatically force people to Like a page—and one blogger did some research to show how it actually works.

Earlier today I noticed several of my friends had been hit by a Facebook worm that updated their status, created an event, and finally invited all of their friends to the event. The purpose of the worm was to widely distribute several “work from home” and similar scams. All of this happened instantly when they clicked on a link that they had seen posted by another user that had fallen for the trap. Knowing that Facebook would fix the issue soon, I immediately opened up my HTTP debugging tools and set about discovering how it worked.

Reverse engineering the latest Facebook worm [Hacking Entrepreneurship]

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  • Published 09/10/10

Comments (5)

  1. Ashma

    Hi.can someone help me.i think that my facebook account is being hacked.evry time i want to open my facebook account there is a message saying that my account is being opened by another personne and they have to close it.i change my password several time but still the facebook account is being opened from perou,tokyo,united state and austria.plz help me.if someone can help me plz email me on “”

  2. Camilo Martin

    @Ashma stop being a lazy ass and take your time to ask on an appropriate forum.

  3. Beverly Kurtin, Ph.D.

    Camilo, was that reply really necessary? Some folks are newbies as you and I were once upon a time.If you know of an appropriate forum, it would have been civil of you to tell Ashma where he or she could go for help instead of insulting the person. Some of these forum sound like the old CB language.

    I’m a retired Microsoft support engineer and had to deal with everybody from the sharpest wiz to the newest user who hadn’t a clue. Please, think before posting and say to them what you’d like someone to say to you. I still help others even when they ask very basic questions. They need help, not a punch in the gut.

    Take care, my friend….Bev

  4. jonnie

    @Bev. Nice retort. Getting tired of these people who know just enough to be ‘dangerous’ when let loose near a keyboard. To quote someone else on Net civility, “I am just disgusted that what goes for public discourse these days is to shout down and belittle a speaker or writer. Come on! Be an adult, use your God-given brain, think, and make a cogent counterargument of your own instead of just shouting mindless drivel.”
    Sorry for the rant. But…

  5. Zenola Sherman

    Wow! Thanks to the both you for this positive and intelligent feedback.

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