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The Perfect Sized House for One Person? You Decide [Video]

Watch a tour of Jay Shafer’s tiny 100 square foot home. It is compact, well thought out, portable, and his third in a little over 10 years. What are your thoughts about it?

Tour of a sub-100 sqft househouse [via BoingBoing]

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  • Published 09/10/10

Comments (10)

  1. Robert

    AsianAngel strikes again! Great post — a portable cabin for us retired folks.
    Cost is probably lower than than many conventional vacations.

    Add solar panels for minimal power needs, park near an open WiFi,
    and you’re off for the Rockies.or coastal Georgia. Thanks,


  2. David Levine

    An interesting watch. Thanks for sharing.

  3. not sure about him

    Not so sure that he is doing such an “environment friendly” way of life. Sure, he has cut down on his usage of some resources but what about the items or services that he has to go elsewhere to have or use? What about laundry? Has to wash clothes somewhere. As a single man, I doubt he does a lot of extensive meal preparations, certainly not much in the way of baking nor true cooking. Where does he entertain, such as a family get-together? Can’t have many people in the place. So what–he lets everyone else to it? Or rent a hall or room someplace that could accommodate more than 2 people? This may be a fine lifestyle for him, as an individual, but to say he isn’t using extra resources, etc., it just is not true. He just making someone else provide it for him, or using another facility to use what he personally chooses not to own.

  4. VegasMike

    I think this guy is an airhead with an air mattress. Who would want to live like this? I’d like to catch him unexpected, the place would be a pigsty.

  5. Houston Texan

    That’s the way I should be living.
    I think I’ll open up an Ebay Store, sell all these collectibles I have and then I would have the needed $20 thousand. I’m in 1,000 sq. ft. now. That wouldn’t be much of a downsize. Mobility too.

  6. Stephen

    I actually want one.

  7. Shadowcat

    Actually mike, I imagine that because its so small, he has no space to waste by being untidy, Keeping everything orderly would be a must to live in a place like that.

    As far as entertaining people, I don’t think there’s much need when he parks this thing on the side of a mountain.

  8. The Chime Man

    Jay, you are a genius! Brilliant. Savvy….to the max. He could, if he chose, build many of these. I’d buy one….and I’d help promote them too! This is the wave of the future! Imagine 100 of these 100′ houses in a rustic compound or a caravan. Oh my, stunning!! Life is good when you see videos like this. I want one!! And the trailer too. I mean it. If Jay enjoys building these, I guarantee there are 500 people who would put a down payment on one right now! You made my day. You know, in life there are men and there are legends. You, Jay are a combination of both. John-Hans Melcher

  9. The Chime Man

    Jay is in business! I just went to his web site,

    I received his PDF, featuring all the houses he builds.

    I have a friend in Santa Fe who is a builder.

    I’m going to show him this. Could be a job for him.

    So cool….so smart….so right. thanks for the free PDF!

    John-Hans ‘The Chime Man’

  10. Tim


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