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Google Scribe can Auto-Complete Text Wherever You Type on the Web

Do you love the auto-complete feature on Google’s search page? Now you can take that auto-completion power with you wherever you type on the web.

You have two options to choose from: You can use the Google Scribe homepage shown in the first screenshot or add the bookmarklet to your browser (located at the bottom of the text window on the Scribe homepage).

You can see what Google Scribe’s bookmarklet looks like when used in the comments box here at the site (shown below). Notice the small pencil symbol in the upper right corner showing that Scribe is active. Finding those elusive words you need while typing just got a lot easier.

Google Scribe [via Lifehacker]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 09/8/10

Comments (5)

  1. FrankieLola

    This is most frustrating!

  2. AsianAngel

    @FrankieLola – Is Scribe not working correctly in your browser?

  3. tom

    Ha I agree with FrankieLola – I finally realise how many misspellings I have D:

  4. nenenenenene

    now google scribe is activated, but it is not really working. i can imagine that it will improve my typing. and im right…

  5. NJWest

    Here’s a game: type in a letter and then let it auto correct. Then let it suggest the next word, ad nauseam or until you get bored.

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