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Old Spice Guy Creates Custom Voicemail Greetings for Your Phone

Unless you’ve avoided all forms of media, you’ve seen the Old Spice guy, shirtless and riding a horse backwards on TV commercials—or more recently, all over YouTube with hilarious responses to real people. And he’s creating custom voicemail messages—for you!

In reality, of course, there’s a generator application that some Reddit people have put together, and it appears that the Old Spice people are onboard with it. It’s fairly silly, but also really quite hilarious. All you have to do is choose your gender, plug in your number, and then choose between the different options. Once you do, you can download a custom voicemail greeting as an MP3 file. You’ll have to put your phone up close to the speakers while you’re recording your message with the MP3 file you’re playing it on your computer, but it should work fairly well.

Note: we realize this isn’t news since it was created in July and all, but we figured that a lot of people hadn’t seen it so we’re posting it anyway.

Old Spice Voicemail Generator

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  • Published 09/8/10

Comments (2)

  1. Brandon

    anyone know of a better way to make this the greeting tonw, beside just recording it from the computer??

  2. Brandon

    You could use a service like Youmail to upload audio files as greetings for different contacts.

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