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Have You Seen the Google Logo Today?

Today’s Google logo is loads of fun—you can chase it with your mouse and all the circles go flying around the screen.

It works a lot better in Chrome or Firefox than Internet Explorer.


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  • Published 09/7/10

Comments (24)

  1. Santo

    I see only the usual logo.

  2. madhukarah usual , normal logo :/

  3. Sebastian

    As it’s HTML5 you have to enable Javascript ;-)

  4. JonMCC33

    I do not use Google as a search engine. I use Bing.

  5. damiththa

    @JonMCC33, second that

  6. Duckbrain

    It actually came out last night. I noticed it around 9:15 Pacific time. It is really fun!

  7. Wali

    is it there still, cuz i can’t see it in here SOmalia!!!

  8. Srikanth

    I use Bing as Search Engine.
    I am using Google today to play with it :)

  9. YeremiYAH

    You,are the best

  10. agfasfdag

    To all users who cannot see the Doodle:
    It is only avaiable in Europe and not on the site. Try

  11. gilteon

    I’m seeing it here in the US.

  12. Balian

    Yeah, as gilteon said, I’m in the US too and it definitely works here on

  13. miti

    I am a non European or non USA people. can I see that?

  14. Hatryst

    Its really cool !
    I wonder how they did it without flash? :)
    HTML, probably…

  15. Conan3010

    You must view this page:

  16. Carol de Solla Atkin
  17. kzinti1

    Big deal.
    I guess it’s true. Little things amuse little minds.

  18. jonnix

    Totally irritating how can I get shut?

  19. MsMax

    Fabulous stuff! I love how the balls explode when you first get on the page.
    Is there some way to save this to one’s computer, like you can with an
    animated gif??

  20. TJFadness

    Doesn’t work for me.

    I see a gray version of the Google Logo.

  21. TJFadness

    Actually, I must have missed it. By a lot.

    What I get now, is a gray Google Logo that fills up as you type. Kinda cool.

  22. Thyrth

    That’s cool but it’s annoying when you try and do work. lol

  23. Tony Hensler

    You can see the code for this google page at
    I knew I had to get it before they changed it

  24. Tony Hensler

    The code is written in javascript

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