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The Windows 7 Family Pack Offer to Return in October

If you missed out on it when Windows 7 was released last year, you now have another opportunity to get the Family Pack starting next month.

The Family Pack offer is for three upgrade licenses of Windows 7 Home Premium for $149.99. The offer becomes available starting October 3 for the U.S., then “on or after October 22” in Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia and many other markets.

$149.99 Windows 7 Family Pack Reloaded Come October 2010 [Softpedia]

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  • Published 09/1/10

Comments (6)

  1. Zack

    I’m actually really happy about this. We have exactly three computers that could have a lot of use for Windows 7 (two of which run Vista and the other Ubuntu and XP). I think $119 is a lot of money for one license, but this will let up upgrade to Windows 7 on all three for $50 apiece.I love my Linux, but when I have to use Windows, I detest XP. Windows 7 has made Windows enjoyable for me and this will let me have the best of both worlds.

  2. prateek

    any idea when its gonna be launched in india?

    Plus how about family pack of win 7 professional? Will it be going to be launched?????

  3. AsianAngel

    @prateek – International sales are scheduled to start around October 22 from what I understand. The offer will be for the Home Premium SKU only.

  4. Jackie

    I have a brand new eMachine and it has windows 7 on it, I hate it, when I had windows xp it lasted me over ten years and I could download a lot of free stuff like Stripmail (it removes all the >>> on email to make it easier to read, but with windows 7 it won’t download, and it’s impossible to get answer from any of the tech reps, I hate it, I hate it, I’m an 80 year lady and proud of my accomplishments with the computer, that is when I had windows xp, but with windows 7 I’m just a frustrated old lady, and feel absolutly computer illiterate.

  5. Roi

    I downloaded StripMail and it works in Windows 7.

    You can also use this online tool where you don’t have to install anything:

  6. oogeebee

    RE Microsoft family pack—–This is great , my desk tops are in a continuous state of rebuild./refurb. I contacted UK Microsorft twice and they allowed me to transfer the license to rebuilt machines but I don’.t think they would wear another three times. Roll on Oct. 22. 10

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